Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Up and Down, Black and White or TURN on the LIGHT

Psalm 119:105  

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Are you afraid of the dark? 


Walking down the street at night alone can be scary
Yet most of us walk through this life as if we are walking alone on a dark street.  Living in a state of stress.  Stress produced from the fear of the unknown that may jump at us at any moment.  

Our health and wellness  is a reflection of this state of being.  


We can CHOOSE to walk in the light of HIS word or CHOOSE to "do it on our own"

The laws of life say's  in the absence of Light there is darkness

Ignorance is Darkness
Wisdom is Light

Why the resistance to walk in Light?  
Why the resistance to educate yourself on taking care of YOU?
Why when you know what to do..... you choose to walk in the darkness of ignorance?

I've been challenged to walk a path of self discovery .... maybe it's a getting older thing

What ever it is......   I want to live each moment in the fullness of light 
I choose to to live in wisdom
I choose to face the giant in me
I choose to take the challenge of being the BEST I CAN BE

I choose to blog (type of journaling) for Health and Wellness.  Evidence is there is a tremendous benefit of journaling.   I believe that David in the Bible (Psalms) Journalized!
David was a tremendous Bible character to me.  He was chosen by GOd (as we all are through Christ) and he walked a life a victories, defeats, depression, family heart aches...  amazing life story of what  we face as human beings.... even today.

The light is Knowledge! 
 The light is Truth! 
 The light is Peace 
 (He is the Light)

TURN ON THE LIGHT for Heaven Sakes!   
Are you healthy?  .... ok,  what is your BMI?   
Are you pleasant to be with?
Are you a crank when you wake up?  
Problems sleeping?
Do you lack energy, excitement.... lack of motivation?  

Point is.... you may have been a really cool dud back when.... 
but come on!  
RE-condition the vehicle you live in!!!!  
You are getting poor milage and  you frequently break down


Keep a Journal


 I challenge you to keep a Personal Journal that address the Mind and Spirit 

Write down every day.... the following:

On one side of the page write down:
      your complaints, fears, concerns heartaches... "what you don't have"

On the other side of the page write down:
       your blessings, fortunes, joy's  "what you have"

  Writing down the don't have's then Writing down the do have's....  Powerful tool! 

Complaints and Blessings

Keeping  a Food Journal

The idea is to Journalize  what is happening to you: 

Body, Mind and Spirit

Keeping Food Diary Helps Lose Weight

It's All About Accountability and Awareness, Weight Loss Expert Says

5 Tips for Keeping a Food Diary

Stevens offers this advice for keeping a food diary:
  • Write as you go. Don't wait until the end of the day to record what you ate and drank. "We recommend they write it down as soon as they can after they eat," says Stevens.
  • Focus on portion size. Practice at home with measuring cups, measuring spoons, or food scales. And be aware that people tend to underestimate how much food they're served.
  • Use whatever type of food diary works for you. It doesn't matter whether you use scrap paper, a personal digital assistant (PDA), or a notebook. What matters is that you use it, says Stevens.
  • Don't skip your indulgent days. "We encourage people to keep records especially on days when they're tempted to eat," says Stevens. "What gets measured tends to get changed."
  • Cook at home. You'll have more control over what you consume, and you know what that food contains, and how much of it you're eating. That makes for a more detailed entry in your food diary.
Also, remember that even modest weight loss --
                   even if it doesn't bring you down to your ideal weight -- may have health benefits, says Stevens

Salute!  To your health an Wellness

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You have to let go to balance - Weight loss plan

The beginning of the weigh loss Plan:

First day was to fast breakfast
Second day was to fast breakfast and lunch
Third day is to fast all day

Today is the third day!  

I will feed my SPIRIT today
I will feed my MIND today
I will not feed my Body food today... I will focus on my Spirit and Mind today

When I feel hunger pangs 
I will offer up those "symptoms" 
to the need in my life 
to hunger after righteousness, 
to hunger after a sound mind

Bring  BALANCE into my life

The hunger pangs will be the springboard to prayer!
I will talk with the one who created me and knows my heart.... knows my thoughts...

He will give me strength today as I commit this day unto Him... 

I will re-balance my self today!

Today will be a fantastic day  

I WILL be successful because I will talk with HIM

Luke 18:17  

 I tell you the truth, 
anyone who will not receive 
the kingdom of God 
like a little child 
will never enter it

Oh, how I'd love to be a little child again and just enjoy the day and play!
why not?  
My Heavenly father is watching over me

I will let him take care of ALL my needs today 

Peace for my soul
Rest for my spirit

He is my strength

Allora,  I have now re-enforced my thoughts by my written word....

Ciao!  and Salute to YOUR health and wellness

It was a miracle this morning!  Truly
My heart was vexed with emotional issues and stressors... so much it was difficult to fall asleep last night and I woke with a heavy heart.  However, as I started to write it all down trying to figure it out.... I finally got so disgusted at my despair,  I stopped and started to blog.  The miracle?  When I finished today's blog .... it was all wiped away, swept away as if by a wave.  I don't think I've ever experienced that before.  Then as I headed to work I turned on a favorite christian station.  Dr. D Jeremiah spoke about the King David's depression and how when he expressed it to the Lord he received comfort and healing.  He also spoke about a secular study on the healing power of Journalizing.  Wow.... it all comes together when we are "free" to listen.  We become free when we LET GO of what God already has in His hands.... all our cares. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Please check out

March 27th blog

It's very inspirational and it's about on putting your house in order

Your home is a reflection of your heart!

Your heart is at the center of your health

Salute to your health and wellness

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Are you Stuck? Get a little Help from your Friends

I went to BED THINKING about my Blog yesterday on "Making a Plan"

I woke this morning... did my usual routine and stepped on the Scale

*#%@!......   IT'S STUCK!

I've hit a plateau in my weight  ( no surprise...  it's what a body does) 
NO wonder I was blogging about making a PLAN!

Ok,  really... no dahhhhh it's what a body does when you need to "kick up the Heat".
I also need to be HONEST!   That can be like a Four letter word (no, I can't spell or count)

I just finished a few days on a vacation... socializing with Family.   So, I  "fudged" a little with the healthy food choices.  Ha ha.... No, I didn't eat Fudge... but didn't hesitate to have food and snacks that I KNEW were not in my classification of being "healthy life giving food choices"!

So,  instead of feeling discouraged this morning (although I did for a few minutes)
 I thought about "MY PLAN"

I walked into the kitchen and Said Get it together....
"First day of Fast":  NO breakfast today.... (see yesterdays blog)
give my desires to God 

yield to my Spirit controlling me this morning 


But what REALLY gave me even more strength is reading last nights blog and then turning on   PANDORA Internet Radio- Christian Rock Radio

Listening to  the Rhythm of the Music that has words that feed and help to center my MIND on What is REAL and HONEST and TRUE and Feeds my SPIRIT


Then I tried to look like I was in the locker room after a pep talk from the coach.... 
Made one of those ridiculous motions of "Ya, let's do this" with my arms 

You see,  YOU MUST engage ALL three of YOUR Being's

I engaged my Spirit: 
       Listen to uplifting Music to feed and encourage my Spirit
I engaged my Body:  
      Made a physical movement to tell my Mind... I'm doing this!
I engaged my Mind:  
      Blogged - Reinforcing my Thoughts

a real Game Plan that uses the whole team
your team members:

The Body, Mind and Spirit 
            MUST work together as a Team to WIN!!!!!

 Part of MY PLAN 
(taken from my blog of "The 7 Habits" December 26, 2010 )

It takes 21 days to develop NEW habits!  

Habit #1: Modify your food intake  - Count Calories and Nutritional Content of Food
Habit #2: Increase your activity level - Yes EVERY DAY! 30-45 minutes Minimum - BURN Calories
Habit #3: Eat breakfast every day - No Skipping meals ( 3 meals / 3 snacks) 
Habit #4: Monitor your weight regularly
Habit #5: Stay consistent with your eating - Healthy,  Full of Nutrients and Fiber! NO empty Calorie foods
Habit #6: Control your portion size and your environment
Habit #7: Be accountable

Ciao and Salute! To your Health and Wellness

The REAL Coach!   

He has a WINNING Plan for Your Life

Pick up His PLAY BOOK! ( The Bible)
it's all you need for
Your Body, Mind and Spirit

The best-laid plans of mice and men - Weight Loss Plans!

I'm very mindful of this:  
No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it.

I thinking about........ why I need to Plan things.

Here's a story:
(I'm writing this for ME, so I am of course the Main Character in this story)

I receive a  mysterious letter.  Enclosed in the letter is a Ticket to Disneyland.  This is one of my most favorite place on the earth.... well, except I hate the crowds these days.... Oh my I am digressing.... sorry).

The letter states that the Disneyland Ticket is only good for May 1st and there are certain conditions that needed to be met to use the ticket on this day.

I must  walk to Disneyland from San Diego, and must arrive  at   Disneyland no earlier than May 1st at 10 am.  Now, you say... that's a really dumb story.  Wait... it gets even more stupid.  

When I arrive at Disneyland ON TIME, I will have waiting for me 
inside Snow White's Castle a Crisp One Million Dollar Bill  
YEA!  Now, I like this story, even though it's still really really dumb.

You see I have to make the REWARD  in the story something very valuable 
or I'd NEVER WALK to Disneyland! 

If it were just a free day at Disneyland... I'd by my own ticket and go when I want dahhh!

But here is the interesting lesson in this story.  

          To achieve the Goal of arriving on time I MUST make a PLAN 
and I must REALLY REALLY want to Succeed:

If I didn't make a Plan... I'd risk NOT getting to Disneyland On Time and I'd risk loosing a Million Dollars!

In My plan :
I'd have to calculate the route to take (walking)
I'd have to calculate how many miles a day would be reasonable for me to walk
I'd have to calculate what I needed to bring on my walk... where I'd stay at night 
     (gosh, a little like Forest Gump ! )
I'd have to calculate a  formula:
     Miles walked per day x day's =  Mileage to Disneyland 
Then I would know what day to start the journey to arrive on time  
I'd have to buy some excellent walking shoes with the right clothing.
I'd have to make sure I'm in good health to take such a long walk!
Take my vitamins and minerals on the trip to keep up my strength
(probably some other things to plan that I haven't thought about)
I'd Probably want to take my iPod to listen to as I walk for encouragement
(do you see how this type of plan can relate to developing a weight loss plan?)

This is the critical point of the story.

   If I failed to walk the required mileage each day... I'd miss the Goal of being at Disneyland on time!  
 I'd Miss the Reward of a MILLION DOLLARS! 

IF I failed to MAKE a plan... I would Fail!

I must KNOW MY GOAL and I must have a PLAN to REACH my GOAL

Questions:  How much do I NEED and WANT to Reach my GOAL?
                     What am I willing to Sacrifice to reach my Goal?
                     What do I need as motivation every morning to STICK to the PLAN?
                     Do I recognize that I HAVE to make a DAILY commitment - 

      It will be difficult to make up tomorrow what I didn't do today!  
                      I'd have to RUN instead of Walk... Ouch! That can be discouraging.

            This is how I see the TRUTH about developing a "weight loss" plan:

If you want to lose weight but you don't have a clear picture of WHY you want to lose weight... or  maybe it's a shallow reason (just like the free ticket to Disneyland)..... Forgetaboutit!  

You need to have a REAL Honest DESIRE to lose the weight 
for the right reason.... (just like the Million Dollars)

Trust me "looking good" is a shallow reason for weight loss and it will set you up to FAIL!
                 You'll end up saying in a moment of Weakness  "ah, I don't care..... so what " 

However,  if you want to lose weight because you really value 
being  and feeling HEALTHY!  
Because You value Respecting yourself


If, you are sick of feeling sluggish and tired.... 

You are tired of moving around like a slug because of your weight!  

You  are scared of developing Diabetes or  Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia....  

 THEN you may have a REAL GOAL to work towards.  Something YOU won't make excuses to put off.  

So,  Make a PLAN! ( I can hear YOU..... so, stop with all the  excuses that you don't like to make plans...  and say that you  hate routines and schedules....  I bet your really happy that you don't have to schedule a sneeze or a BM... but you do need to make a plan if you want to lose weight)

  • Calculate what you need to reach your goal (DAILY calorie intake and calorie expenditure) Lot's of great Apps to use for this!!!
  • Calculate a list of HEALTHY FOODS that will provide you with the NUTRITION/Minerals  and Vitamins you need each day. Make it reasonable and Available!  Try to make it Organic foods.
  •  Calculate a TIME FRAME in which to achieve it - You NEED A DEADLINE!  
If you lost just  1 pound a week 
then next year 
at this time you would be 52 pounds lighter!  
think about that!

Start a Journal of this Journey!  
Be Realistic what you can do EACH DAY!  

Start the plan with a FAST!    
     Try this:   The first day Fast ONLY Breakfast  
                       The Second Day Fast Breakfast, snack and LUNCH
                       The Third Day Fast Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack and DINNER and snack 
                       (third day is a FULL day of Fasting) 

When you're Fasting... it isn't about just NOT eating... It is about  recognizing how you feel when you say NO to eating.  Then Take that feeling and find POWER in prayer, meditation upon GOD's Word. It's taking CONTROL of YOU!

KNOW that you KNOW 
that the first Step in changing your lifestyle 
is to acknowledge YOU ARE IN CONTROL    
Tap into  your: 

Fasting is like preparing for BATTLE!   

                                Yes, You are at war with your HABITS! 

"I'm going to order a broiled skinless chicken breast,
but  I want you to bring me  Lasagna an Garlic Bread by mistake" 

 It is most likely your HABITS are why you struggle with your weight!   

  • Your "thought" habits  (negative self image, anger issues, un-forgiveness, fear)
  • Your "spiritual" habits ( lack of)
  • Your "body" habits of what and when you eat and when (if ever) you exercise.

Matthew 26:40-43  
   41 “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. 
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

Your Creator knows this about you !  He knows that YOU want to be a healthy weight! He loves you and is there to SUPPORT YOU!
He knows that You are Weak when it comes to "self indulgence" and "not saying NO" to your desires to satisfy your cravings.  IT IS A SPIRITUAL battle.

So, when you're wanting to EAT and or feel Hunger Pangs:  

  • Do some Jumping Jacks for crying out loud!  (or some immediate physical expenditure of energy)    
  •  Say to yourself or out loud  a Scripture Verse (powerful tool)... and  or Pray for Someone who has a need greater than YOUR hunger.
  • Drink a cup of Herbal (organic) Tea, or a glass of Lemon Water

I am saying that you NEED to use your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT to accomplish your  weight loss GOAL!

         You CAN DO IT!  Get that WINNING attitude... Know that God is On YOUR SIDE

This is the same concept as when You are trying to stop Smoking...  Same Principle to change ANY HABIT and develop  NEW LIFESTYLE  CHOICES!

Ok,  I'm getting my Battle Plan in order.... 

Ciao and Buona Fortuna to your 
                           PLAN for HEALTH and WELLNESS

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are you a TOXIC person? Need a Cleansing? D E T O X yourself

talk talk talk  pick-a-little 
Talking  about  those who "D E T O X"

Good, great wonderful.... Not a bad idea if approached with common Sense

Come on.. DO you really Believe that this is all ya need to do?
One gallon of Colyte can do the same!  HA (Colonoscopy prep)
You can detox your body with all sorts of funky ways...

 Lemon water purging, Colonic's,  Foot Baths, Fasting...

Did you know, God made a Provision for "detoxing your body" the NATURAL WAY!?
Your Lung's
Your Kidney's
Your Liver
Your Skin

ALL these organs (yes, your skin is your largest organ) DETOX your body.  I know, I know... the hype says that we are on over load and need a Colonic!

No, the truth is that we don't exercise our LUNGS to purify our system

We don't exercise our body to Sweat it out

We don't assist our Kidneys with lots of Fresh WATER every day

We don't assist our Liver by Healthy Nutritional Foods full of FIBER

We want to dump dirt into the gas tank and then cry that the Car isn't running Properly (You know I talking about what you DUMP into YOUR MOUTH EVERY DAY!

                            Maybe it isn't Detoxing your BODY isn't the WHOLE answer....

 stop and think about this :

How about the need to D E T O X your MIND? 
How about the need to D E T O X your SPIRIT?

OH so important when seeking a balanced life.   Hang ups of un-forgiveness, resentments, bitterness that swirl around your mind and spirit
they  can and DO affect how you eat and sleep!  It's all so intricately connected

Maybe you think all day... negative thoughts  "I can't eat this, I can't eat that" instead of positive statements  "I can eat this, I can eat that".  How about a grateful heart instead of a contrary complaining one.

Is there someone you can't spend an eternity next to in Heaven?  Ouch!  that one hurts

So when you seeking a "weight loss" program... go for the WHOLE ENCHILADA (oop's used a food metaphor)

Tackle changing habits and developing health lifestyle choices to INCLUDE your MIND and SPIRIT!

Exercise that MIND!
Exercise that SPIRIT!

Feed that MIND!
Feed that SPIRIT!

Detox that MIND!
Detox that SPIRIT!

There are some  great books out there to help you accomplish this journey:
Recommended:  Dr. Caroline Leaf's  "Who switch off my Brain" is a fantastic book for this
                           God's Instruction Manuel  "The BIBLE"   ... a True Self Help Book

Balance yourself and Find True Beauty

Ciao and Salute !  To your Health and Wellness

Monday, March 21, 2011

The chocolate chip cookie SHOW DOWN

Always searching for the Quick fix!  

Weight loss is rarely permanent when the Focus of weight loss stands alone.

Why do we resist looking inside ourselves for  the answer to...... 

"why we are ..... ummmm.... ok  I'LL SAY IT... F A  T " 

We want to jump over the reason why we have a weight issue and find a quick easy solution to losing weight.

Wake up and smell the Bacon FAT! 

Your fat because ...... 
                    "Careful there partner... I might  just have to shoot you if you say it!"

There are MANY many MANY reason why you may have a weight problem.
                       But the Solution is almost always the same:

BALANCE your Life...

I found that I became overweight because my life was out of balance.  

I didn't have a healthy approach to food - I always knew what was healthy but I resisted it (like peas on a plate!).  As I aged and my metabolism slowed down and my activity level slowed down... my weight went UP!  

As many diet's as I have tried and failed 
I became a double "F"
  Fat and Frustrated 

Then I discovered the truth.  I had to get to the root problem of 
why I had gained weight and STOP with the excuses. 
(and stop looking for excuses) 

Being overweight is a symptom not a disease.  
      But if left untreated being overweight becomes a disease.

When will you lose weight?
When you're ready to respect yourself
When you're ready to believe in yourself
When you're ready to forgive yourself
When you're ready to FREE yourself
When you're ready, When you're ready, When you're ready

When you're REALLY ready...  YOU will Start the Journey of finding yourself and thereby changing your lifestyle  choices and habits.  You will find freedom in Eating Healthy Foods and being Active.
You will find yourself.  (the person hiding behind the fat)

A Snap shot into my journey: 

My ol faithful Brownie that I took to Church Camp! 
 Why WAS a warm Chocolate Chip cookie my down fall?   

I've discovered there are "trigger foods" for me.
When I see and smell the aroma of the warm  Chocolate Chip cookie I think of my Dad.  He loved me making Chocolate Chip cookies at 10 o'clock at night.  I think of my kids... They loved my making them Chocolate Chip cookies at 10 o'clock at night.  I think of me... I loved me making myself Chocolate Chip cookies at 10 o'clock at night.   

                        I associate Chocolate Chip cookies 
with Family, Nurturing and Self Indulgence. 

This is  the story why I was ready to do a cartwheel in the middle isle of the airplane last week.  

The Airlines I travel has started in the past few months serving Freshly made Warm Chocolate Chip cookies during the flight.  Every flight you can  smell them coming!  I've tried to tell myself  prior to the flight  

  I'm going to say  NO 

I have to stop making excuses like ...

ah, it's only one cookie... so what

NO,  I have to be able to have control over food and say NO

MY BODY doesn't need that stupid warm gooey chocolate chip cookie. 
 It's important to me make HEALTHY CHOICES.  
And it's equally important to me to have control to say yes or no to any food. 
The spiritual battle raged within me... who will win?  

Me, Myself or I?
(aka: Body, Mind,Spirit)

Well, the dreaded moment was upon me.   The aroma of the Chocolate Chip cookies was wafting through the plane. I saw the Flight Attendant pushing the cart towards me. 

"I  don't need it,  I don't want it... 
it's not good for me..." (it's kind of a jingle) 

As I chanted this over and over in my head  the cart came closer 
(I was hoping my mouth wasn't moving as I talked to myself)... 

Suddenly I screamed in my head..." 

The flight attendant gently placed the cookie in front of my face (under my nose!)

And I calmly said "No thank you".  

DEAR GOD have mercy  I DID IT!   

I wanted to do a cartwheel.  I CONQUERED the giant.  Me, David... faced the giant and conquered it!  I gained such strength at that moment. 

  I Saw the COOKIE for What it was.... 

A POOR choice for my body.... 

NOT a moment of nostalgia, filling me with warm memories.

It's not been a "quick fix" for me to lose weight because I have done it ( I believe)  the RIGHT WAY.
It's taken me a year and I still have a little more to go.....

 I made a choice to become HEALTHY as my priority... 
               with the benefit of weight loss in the mix.

Some of the steps of my success: (I'm still working on me)
15/15/15 :  This is each day taking 15 minutes to feed my Spirit the Word of God/Praying 
                    Taking 15 minutes to feed my Mind food of positive thinking
                    Taking,  at minimum, 15 minutes to exercise my body 
Looking for foods that are colorful, fresh and full of nutrition - Not empty calorie foods
Seeing foods that are made with WHITE flour, sugar as TOXIC to my body
Seeing foods that are fried as TOXIC to by body
Eating a SERVING Portion (size of Fist) Learning: FOOD can never truly satisfy my soul
Counting Calories and Carbs and Nutritional value of what I put in my body
EATING 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day (NO Skipping meals or starving myself)
Learning that being over weight is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE - KNOW the ENEMY
Learning to use the WORD of GOD as my Weapon over self indulgence with food 
Recognizing MINDLESS eating - a symptom of imbalance  of body, mind, spirit
Learning the important of Forgiveness and Respect  FOR ME
Learning the important of a Heart of Gratitude for what I HAVE
Learning to grow BETTER and not BITTER
Learning to use POSITIVE affirmations about healthy food and exercising
DRINKING MORE than 8 glasses of 8 oz of water EVERY DAY!
BLOGGING!!!!  It's been my Chubby Buddy, my support and accountability

etc. etc. etc.....

Oh, oh ya ... I need to say this:  I started my Journey after a day of fasting.  Now, this was a challenge to fast for a day.  But I figured if I could fast for a Colonscopy... why couldn't I fast and pray for God to direct me in this journey.   Isn't seeking Health and Wellness more important then a clear (clean) picture the GI Doctor could see of my colon on the computer screen? 

Proverbs 16:3  

  Ask the Lord to bless your plans,
 and you will be successful in carrying them out.

Ciao and Salute to your Health and Wellness