Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Hat vs Black Hat or Fabric Pattern of our Life

21 days forms a habit

Habits form the fabric of our lives.  YES, They do.

Some of our habits are those we have desired and some of our habits were formed and grew roots from what we were taught, exposed to  : Nature vs Nurture


Habits are an energy.  The law of science teaches that Energy is a force that can not be destroyed... Energy can be transformed but not destroyed.
        Habits can not be destroyed ..... they can be transformed.

That is why it is imperative to recognize you "replace" old habits with good habits.
It is impossible to get "RID" of a habit.... it must be replaced.

21 days to form a habit  - you must take the energy of a bad habit and transform that energy   into a good habit.

Here are Words I use and thoughts I have:

"Fall to my knees"
"Desire Spiritual Food before Earthy Food"
"Nourish my soul with Spiritual activity - like oxygen to the muscles when you exercise"

These are the THOUGHTS
These are the WORDS
These are the DESIRES
These are the ACTIONS
I WANT  HABITS that bring me Health and Wellness - an habitual practice

Daniel Praying - Morning, Noon and Night
(old testament)
Jesus, the SON of God
Praying !  And He was GOD...
(Side note:  I am very visual in my learning.... pictures stay in my mind and reinforce my learning.... so I use pictures a lot..... Yes, I still like books with pictures!)

A habit.... it's just an automatic thing I do, think and want. 

SO..... this is the 3rd day of my 21 days to form the habit of "falling to my knees in the morning".  

Yes,  ACTUALLY physically get on my knees.  An action that sends a message and a signal to my brain.  This signals me that I am preforming a action that will be come a habit.

Yes, I'm still a little sleepy when I do this.... but even if I say the Lords Prayer... I must go through the "Action" .... Just like I say, even if I exercise/stretch for 5 minutes.... DO IT!  Make it a part of your daily life. Make it a HABIT! 

I find the same spot, take my bible  or devotional book.  Read and then talk to God.
Simple but powerful.  I give God my day.... as him to fill me with Joy, strength and Love... etc. etc. etc.....

Why is this important?   BECAUSE, I choose to be balanced!  

If illness are a result of an "imbalance" (most only think about physical imbalances) then I need to SEEK balance.

When we are "imbalanced" physically, we can sometimes discover what is the imbalance from a blood test.

But,  are we..... "imbalanced" ..... mentally and  or spiritually..... hummmmm 
           That is an area, that as a culture, we overlook
 (crazy to think we can feed and exercise our faith once a week for an hour is enough!  dah.... church.... it we even go)

I'm seeking a habit that will   
nourish and feed my Spirit and Mind 
on a DAILY basis.  

I've found recently that there is a strong possibility that I have been imbalance in my focus . My lopsided focus of "working" on my physical being.....Yes,  exercise and diet. 

Once again, I'm gently nudged and reminded (I think by the Lord) that I need to 
SEEK Exercise and DIET for my SOUL, MIND.... MY  Spiritual being!

So..... When I wake each morning I desire to have the habit of 
FEEDING my SPIRIT before I feed my face.

Developing a HABIT of feeding my spirit 
(and exercising my faith) 
is what I DESIRE!

BECAUSE...... I desire to B A L A  N C E 
my life and be given 
the gift of HEALTH and WELLNESS.

Salute! To YOUR Health and Wellness 

I will be glad, yes, 
filled with joy because of you.  
I will sing your praises, O Lord God above all gods.  
Psalm 9: 2

I can have joy because HE is My God.  My Joy is not in what I have or don't have in this world.  If I truly hold on to that concept.... I will ALWAYS have JOY.