Saturday, July 17, 2010

for the record during the 21 days

Just for the record - my previous 21 blogs have this info:


This is the formula I use.   15 minutes each day dedicated to each discipline: Activity/Exercise, Pray and Reading Gods Word, and Learning something New

I also believe in KNOWING what you are putting in your body; Spiritually, Mentally, Physically

I want to make sure what I'm eating is rich in nutrients and low in Calories.
Aim for 200-300  calorie meals while seeking Weight Loss -  I SAID AIM!    that's FIVE meals a day
Otherwise google up what is the Caloric intake for your height/weight and age.

Drink 8+ glasses of water.  FILL up a pitcher in the morning and finish THAT pitcher by evening.
   Your pee should be VERY LIGHT in color

Pick activities and exercises that YOU WILL DO!   Look for opportunities during the day to just stretch or walk.  Do this outside of the 15-30 minutes of exercise a day.

Start your day with a BIG SMILE (as soon as you open your eye's in the morning)
Plant a smile on your face and SAY unto the LORD ... THANK YOU for my Day.... speaking words of faith and Praise that HE WILL BE WITH YOU.

END you Day with Reading GOD's word... and counting Your blessings.

Choose a Goal each week of something to learn or a book your want to read...  puzzel you can work on... something to stimulate and strengthen your mind.


That is what I wanted to quickly say..... (yes, I always have more to say on this subect)

Oh..... FILL your senses with wonderful, life giving music, sights and fragrances!  Keep them NEAR you!