Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Get Ready for 1-1-11

I'm starting to think about some habits and patterns to change for the new year.

I'm preparing my mind to embrace and hold tight to thoughts I have that will increase my health and wellness.

2- 1/2 weeks  .... oh ya..... 21 days to PREPARE to CHANGE!  Perfect

So every day for 21 days 
I will walk myself through this change.  
I will reinforce in my Mind the change.  
I will see in my mind the change.  
I will feel in my spirit the change

I will become the change by ... walking, thinking, seeing and feeling the change.

One thing is to READ a book a week (commit every day 30 or more minutes to reading)
I WILL do 30 minutes a day of activity:  stretch, jog, weights
I WILL ....

I'll think today of some more things that I believe will strengthen me - physically, spiritually and physically.  I will WRITE them down today!


(what's in your wallet?.... ok, what's in your head?)