Monday, March 29, 2010

If life were a Musical

Ok, so I loved the first time I flew in a plane. It was a "crop duster" and flew into Bakersfield CA in the 70's.

I loved the exhilaration of the take off. The power of being thrown back into my seat. The amazing thought that I was seeing the earth from a birds view! AMAZING.

Then in the 80's there was the fatal crash of a passenger plane over San Diego. I saw the plume of smoke and heard and saw pictures.

From that day I "feared" flying.

Today I fly several times a month. No thrill of the exhilaration of the take off. I choose the isle seat up towards the front. I attempt to disengage myself from the event with a half of Dramamine and a glass of wine.

What! what is that about? Flying is no different, the risk the same. My faith was shaken and I CHOOSE to see flying in a different light - the a light clouded with fear.

Today after take off, when I was able to turn on my "portable device in the approved mode " I listened to an incredible song "Shout to the Lord".... As I sat in a window seat and peered out the window at the snow cap mountains below I had a viseral experience of being so captivated by God and his world below me. I was some how enraptured by the experience of TRUSTING GOD! To live is Christ and to die is gain. The fear had dissolved in the presence of listening to his word, seeing his world and knowing my life is truly in his hands.

I took my mind - filled it FULL with MUSIC that directed my thoughts to HIM. My faith in HIM - not a pilot, not the mechanics who serviced the plane, not the manufacture of the plane.... in HIM, HIM, HIM. He is in control.
I was able to see the LIGHT when I filled my head with MUSIC celebrating my faith in Christ.

I reflect right now on a recent thought I had as I passed by a car full of little children. The Car was a beat up with wobbling wheels screaming down the freeway with two young adults in the front seat. The back seat held several small children, only one in a car seat. The children looked content and mostly happy. No idea they were riding in a death trap! Why, because they had child faith. Just like I had on my first trip flying through the air.

Lord, help me fly through life and life's storms in child like faith. Having the ability to enjoy the ride, bumps and whatever!


I'd just love if every event had a feed in of music! Yes, and suddenly people break out and join in with Singing and dancing! Oh ya.... that would be heaven!