Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Up and Down, Black and White or TURN on the LIGHT

Psalm 119:105  

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Are you afraid of the dark? 


Walking down the street at night alone can be scary
Yet most of us walk through this life as if we are walking alone on a dark street.  Living in a state of stress.  Stress produced from the fear of the unknown that may jump at us at any moment.  

Our health and wellness  is a reflection of this state of being.  


We can CHOOSE to walk in the light of HIS word or CHOOSE to "do it on our own"

The laws of life say's  in the absence of Light there is darkness

Ignorance is Darkness
Wisdom is Light

Why the resistance to walk in Light?  
Why the resistance to educate yourself on taking care of YOU?
Why when you know what to do..... you choose to walk in the darkness of ignorance?

I've been challenged to walk a path of self discovery .... maybe it's a getting older thing

What ever it is......   I want to live each moment in the fullness of light 
I choose to to live in wisdom
I choose to face the giant in me
I choose to take the challenge of being the BEST I CAN BE

I choose to blog (type of journaling) for Health and Wellness.  Evidence is there is a tremendous benefit of journaling.   I believe that David in the Bible (Psalms) Journalized!
David was a tremendous Bible character to me.  He was chosen by GOd (as we all are through Christ) and he walked a life a victories, defeats, depression, family heart aches...  amazing life story of what  we face as human beings.... even today.

The light is Knowledge! 
 The light is Truth! 
 The light is Peace 
 (He is the Light)

TURN ON THE LIGHT for Heaven Sakes!   
Are you healthy?  .... ok,  what is your BMI?   
Are you pleasant to be with?
Are you a crank when you wake up?  
Problems sleeping?
Do you lack energy, excitement.... lack of motivation?  

Point is.... you may have been a really cool dud back when.... 
but come on!  
RE-condition the vehicle you live in!!!!  
You are getting poor milage and  you frequently break down


Keep a Journal


 I challenge you to keep a Personal Journal that address the Mind and Spirit 

Write down every day.... the following:

On one side of the page write down:
      your complaints, fears, concerns heartaches... "what you don't have"

On the other side of the page write down:
       your blessings, fortunes, joy's  "what you have"

  Writing down the don't have's then Writing down the do have's....  Powerful tool! 

Complaints and Blessings

Keeping  a Food Journal

The idea is to Journalize  what is happening to you: 

Body, Mind and Spirit

Keeping Food Diary Helps Lose Weight

It's All About Accountability and Awareness, Weight Loss Expert Says

5 Tips for Keeping a Food Diary

Stevens offers this advice for keeping a food diary:
  • Write as you go. Don't wait until the end of the day to record what you ate and drank. "We recommend they write it down as soon as they can after they eat," says Stevens.
  • Focus on portion size. Practice at home with measuring cups, measuring spoons, or food scales. And be aware that people tend to underestimate how much food they're served.
  • Use whatever type of food diary works for you. It doesn't matter whether you use scrap paper, a personal digital assistant (PDA), or a notebook. What matters is that you use it, says Stevens.
  • Don't skip your indulgent days. "We encourage people to keep records especially on days when they're tempted to eat," says Stevens. "What gets measured tends to get changed."
  • Cook at home. You'll have more control over what you consume, and you know what that food contains, and how much of it you're eating. That makes for a more detailed entry in your food diary.
Also, remember that even modest weight loss --
                   even if it doesn't bring you down to your ideal weight -- may have health benefits, says Stevens

Salute!  To your health an Wellness

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