Sunday, April 4, 2010

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21 days to health and wellness... Umm mm let's see

I've become more aware of "habits"
I've become more aware of making commitments
I've become more aware!

I think I'm more thoughtful in food choices
I think I'm more thoughtful about how I start my day
I think... ya... I think... therefore I am!

I still have excuses about routine. Ah, I have to face it... I don't seem to do anything the same way twice. It's as though I avoid doing something systematic.. or routine.

No, that's not true. I developed a habit when I walk in the door of putting my keys and purse in the same place every time.

Why? Mostly because I became so frustrated at loosing my keys and purse.
Self Preservation! But, when I'm not at home(s), I get all messed up. Why, because
I don't have the same place to put my stuff.

So, I see the problem.
It's difficult for me to have a routine when my life doesn't have routine.

NO EXCUSES! but yet it's a real excuse.

so, this week I HAVE TO, WANT TO, WILL TO (ya that's good.... "will too".. you know my will)

I WILL TO make (not find) 30 minutes to pray and exercise at the same time!

I have noticed as much as I have drawn closer to my walk with the Lord through this journey, I NEED to develop a more effect prayer life. I pray, but DO I LISTEN!?
I pray, but do I LISTEN!!!! I stray when I am reading the bible, I stray (my mind) when I'm praying. I need God to heal and help my brain NOT STRAY!

another thought (oh, ya there I go straying!)

I had something disturb me this morning. (relationship issue) And as it disturbed me in my soul and even in my stomach.... I was fighting myself saying "I refuse to let this rob me of my joy today!" "Oh, Lord help me". How come I can tell others "you need to just get over it and move on" yet here I was plagued by my disturbing, disappointing almost angry thoughts. Then I "thought".... In order for me to STOP these thoughts I need to think on "what is true, lovely, ..... etc" SO, I tried but .... failed.
THEN I recalled that if
out loud
(thank goodness I was in the car)
it would work.

AND IT DID! I sang "hallelujah song" strong and loud, thinking in my head...
Thank you Jesus and began to praise HIM.

Miracle... it worked! I was restored peace in my soul and joy.

God inhabits the praises of His people"
Psalms 22:3

Count my blessings,

praise Him,

develop routine and habits that bring

Health and Wellness

to my body, soul and spirit

Start again in the morning!
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