Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Happy New Year" 2010

May the New Year Bring Health and Wellness to your Body, Soul and Spirit.
Salute! ( It's 12:28 In Colorado and the Moon is so Full and Bright that there are shadows of the EverGreen Trees on the Snow - Beautiful!) Sweet Dreams everyone. Today we Start our 21 days!


Scripture verse for today:
"For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said:
'I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be
their God, and they will be my people.'" (2 Corinthians 6:16)

Prayer today: Lord, today is a gift from you. I give you this day with my life, my actions, my words. Give me directions and patience and the faith I need to serve you today. Help me see my body today as Your Temple. Live in me! Be Glorified in me. May my life today reflect your promises. Strengthen me as I speak your word. I am the temple of the living God. Amen.

Today I will CHOOSE to serve the Lord. My Choices will reflect my respect for the "body" that the Lord has given to me. I will find strength in Him by confessing his Word. His Word will give me the courage to make right choices in what I do, say, eat.

When I think about food today, I will quote this scripture :

"(I am) the temple of the living God"

2 Corinthians 6:16.

In this will I find the Strength. As I reach for something to eat I will quote this scripture. I will shine HIS light on my choice. What will I put in HIS temple today. I choose to Glorify God with my life (therefore my body).


Preparation for the 21 days

Confession! Say what you know is true.

There is such power in our words. Just as there is power in the Word of God. Today look for the words you choose when talking about food. Look for the words you choose when talking about your health, "how you feel". Choose positive words. For instance. If you have a headache. Say out loud. I'm fighting a headache. NOT "I have a headache". DO not take ownership of things you do not want. If you have aches and pains (joint pain, back pain)... then when you move and hurt... say "God is healing me" "I feel good".

When you think about "wanting" something to eat today. STOP, Think and Confess truth.

First: Eating

There is a lot of exploring "YOU" why you eat, when you eat, what you choose to eat. But, for now just think about the question when you're ready to eat: Ask yourself today: AM I Really Hungry? Am I just eating "Because I FEEL like something to eat? "

If you can today: Draw strength from HIS WORD when you think about eating. CONFESS "I am His temple" ..... I like to say when I'm tempting to eat something and it's not the right choice or time to eat .... "Greater is He that is in me than He that is in this food"!

Second: 15/15/15

This is about taking care of your body! Mentally, Physically, Spiritually. Yes, 15 minutes a day to feed each of these.

PHYSICALLY: Choose today 15 minutes to FEED YOUR BODY. Maybe Take a brisk walk, or if you can "exercise" (Stretches, weights, yoga!) whatever. MOVE your body for 15 minutes today. Get your heart rate up! It's a muscle! Exercise the body that God has given you. The benefit will be increased strength, endurance... your mind will be "clear" as you increase blood flow to every cell in your body.

MENTALLY: Choose today 15 minutes to Feed your Mind!. Choose a subject that you're interested in learning more about. For me, I am continually trying to learning Italian & Practice my Piano as two area's I try to work on each day. Some days I pick up one of my medical books/journals. Side note to me: This reminds me to be more consistent!

SPIRITUALLY:Choose 15 minutes to Read God's word, pray - Feed your Spirit! He wants you to know who He is. He wants to give you his WORD! His Word is Life to your Body, Soul and Spirit.

You're health is a blend, balance of your Mind, body and Spirit. They are CONNECTED! Acknowledge this an empower yourself with this knowledge.

I will say however, to consolidate my 15/15/15, I will use a headset and listen to my Italian CD while I take a brisk walk! That's the best. Although, I know I do best with "Music" blasting in my head to motivate me when Exercising! That's another great thing: Listen to "Gospel music" while walking/exercising! Focusing my thoughts on the goodness and mercies of God. Praying during my Walks. OK, You've got it! Consolidate my 15/15/15 if possible. TIME management!

That's it for today 12/31/09!