Monday, May 23, 2011

Own Your Behavior - or Color Your World

Own your behavior

You are the painter  

Color Your World

What colors (attitudes) will you use Today?

The choices you make today reflect your Hearts desire.  Balance your world by nurturing and feeding and exercising your


with Organic Healthy Fresh Foods and Movements.

Today Choose Organic Fresh Pure Ideas and Thoughts.
Today Choose Organic Fresh Foods
Today Choose Movements that Reflect your gratitude for Living

  • Take Your Vitamins!  
  • Drink  64 oz of Water
  • MOVE, Dance, Jump ..... RUN!
  • Direct your thoughts to ideas and words that are postitive and Uplifting
  • Believe in Yourself by acknowledging YOU ARE A TEMPLE of the Living GOD

All these things will influence your Choice In COLORS! 

Color your WORLD with Strokes of Peace, Joy and Happiness

               Next time you make an excuse  ask yourself .......
"Anyone in there believe me?"

Own Your Behavior

Salute to Your Health and wellness