Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wake up Sun Shine and Sing! or Poop it out

Day 5 fall to my knees -

Ok, I'm all about how to "Practically" develop a habit.

Telling myself that I'm going to start waking up before the sun..... well, good intentions but not realist.  I've tried it for years always saying "I'm going to get up at 6 am and work out".

Hey, wait..... 

I just heard myself same something I also said for years about "tomorrow I'm going to start a diet"....


It is realistic to think I can get up at 6 am every morning..... 
truth be know.... 

What's really strange is if I'm not going to work.... I get up early.... If I HAVE to get up early.... it's a dang struggle!  

This is my 5th day for "fall to my knees and feed my spirit in the morning".

This morning when the alarm went off.... I hit the snooze two times!!

Mind you, when I heard the alarm...

My Body sent me a quick message
 "NO WAY JOSE"  Body screaming for more "rest".

My mind then started up "NO WAY DING DONG"  I went to bed at 11 pm ....
I quickly counted the time spent sleeping.  Oh, my it only was 7 hrs.... "oh, I need 8 hrs!".

My Spirit nudge me as I heard the music on my iPod...

There it was.... NOW it's clear..... ME, MYSELF and I having a discussion about NOT getting up at 6 am.

What have I blogged?  

the battle goes on.... How can I be balanced when I fight going on inside me?

I need to be as passionate about the NEED  to wake up at 6 am for HEALTH and WELLNESS as I do for the NEED to eat Healthy Organic Foods.... the NEED to feed my Spiritual being with the "bread of life"... the NEED to feed my mind thoughts that are true, lovely, pure and honest....  the freakin blesssed NEED !

Ok.... tomorrow I'll wake up at 6 am (oh.... I don't work tomorrow... that'll be easier LOL)

Here is what I'm going to try to develop the habit for   up at 6 am! (work days)

Set my alarm
Have a song on my iPod that is uplifting and feeds my being - "a little sunshine"
slap a smile on my face and say:
"Thank you GOD that I woke up"
"Thank you GOD for a new day"
"Thank you GOD.... this is your day and I choose to SHINE FOR YOU".

Roll out of bed on to my knees and continue to thank God and pray for others.... have my bible/devotional book next to me... oh, and I (my need) is to have Worship Music!
 (I do prefer to have a certain place .... I think that's a better idea... but if I'm struggling I'll roll out of bed on to the floor ... on to my knees - do you know YOUR body sends messages to your mind which then releases chemicals/hormones?)

I think I'll try that next time I have to go to work!  HA HA

NO.... I MUST develop a Healthy Habit .... I WILL GET UP at 6AM for the next 21 days
TODAY is DAY "0"  (I got up at 6:30 am)

So, (allora!)  I'm on target for TWO new habits:
Day 5 of Falling to my knees in the morning and receiving  food/ nourishment for my Spirit
Day 0 of getting up at 6 am!  
I CAN DO THIS!!!!  I CAN Balance my life when 

If you want to join in... great!   keep in mind that when it's a struggle.... there is an imbalance.... consider the imbalance may be:

Physical (deficiency in your body of mineral/vitamins) 
Mentally (life time of negativity or lack of confidence in yourself)
Spiritual (unresolved issues) 

Rome wasn't built in a day..... 

CIAO, and Salute!  To your Health and Wellness

Now GO SHINE !!!!

Oops... gotta run to work.... no time to check spelling and grammar - bye