Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a thought or Cupcake from Hell ...... LOL

It has occurred to me that we take the wholesome foods that were created for our bodies and have some what "Perverse" them.  Ok, Made them  taste Sinfully GOOD!

Oh ya, that's even how it's said and presented .... "SINFULLY GOOD" Temptations

I had someone tell me, with alot of enthusiasm and almost to the point of salivating, about the most decedent delicious Cupcake that was to "die for"...

OMG!!!!   Do we not hear ourselves?   Yes, we have an affair with food that causes us to be adulterous to ourselves.  We should have a committed relationship with ourselves to be "true to ourselves",  "take care of ourselves", "love ourself as God commanded".

Now of course a "Cupcake" won't catapult our souls to hell....

BUT.....  Think about this....(because I am)

God has given us a pure truth for us to ingest to give us health, power, joy, peace.

For instance,  LOVE!   Pure love as intended for us to feed our souls is from God.

Yet, this "world" has taken the Purity and wholesomeness of Love and perverted it,
the world has re-dressed it with selfishness "Self indulgence"  "feel good stuff"
"It's all about me and what makes me happy at this moment mentality"
         Distractions from what is good for us
                                   Sin covered in  WHITE Sugar to look and taste good.

All of this "just a thought" to say.... B A L A N C E  your life

Just as it's best to eat a BIG JUICY RED RIPE STRAWBERRY 

and you choose to eat
Strawberry Pie full of  poisonous white sugar (yes, it is poison to our bodies)

So, it is when we have  
the Pure Health Giving  WORD OF TRUTH  and WISDOM
that we should  ingest into our minds and Souls Every day

and what is chosen? ... watching TV full of mindless (subliminal) nonsense that leaves us "wanting" and feeling restless and unfulfilled. We fill our minds with empty mindless ...
" %*@)*(Bleep)!"

Eat, Drink, Read, Think, Watch, Listen
Food and Thoughts

Just think about it....
Just a thought today.....   

Ciao and Salute to Your Health and Wellness 

PS  is it any wonder we choose strawberry pie over a strawberry when we choose mindless Nonsense over  reading and studying God's Word?  
God's word is full of WISDOM - take it  and fix a BIG plate of GOD's word today and fill yourself up.  It'll truly Satisfy your Soul 

When you're BALANCED you will choose Fresh Organic stuff over Sugar laden stuff.