Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You have to let go to balance - Weight loss plan

The beginning of the weigh loss Plan:

First day was to fast breakfast
Second day was to fast breakfast and lunch
Third day is to fast all day

Today is the third day!  

I will feed my SPIRIT today
I will feed my MIND today
I will not feed my Body food today... I will focus on my Spirit and Mind today

When I feel hunger pangs 
I will offer up those "symptoms" 
to the need in my life 
to hunger after righteousness, 
to hunger after a sound mind

Bring  BALANCE into my life

The hunger pangs will be the springboard to prayer!
I will talk with the one who created me and knows my heart.... knows my thoughts...

He will give me strength today as I commit this day unto Him... 

I will re-balance my self today!

Today will be a fantastic day  

I WILL be successful because I will talk with HIM

Luke 18:17  

 I tell you the truth, 
anyone who will not receive 
the kingdom of God 
like a little child 
will never enter it

Oh, how I'd love to be a little child again and just enjoy the day and play!
why not?  
My Heavenly father is watching over me

I will let him take care of ALL my needs today 

Peace for my soul
Rest for my spirit

He is my strength

Allora,  I have now re-enforced my thoughts by my written word....

Ciao!  and Salute to YOUR health and wellness

It was a miracle this morning!  Truly
My heart was vexed with emotional issues and stressors... so much it was difficult to fall asleep last night and I woke with a heavy heart.  However, as I started to write it all down trying to figure it out.... I finally got so disgusted at my despair,  I stopped and started to blog.  The miracle?  When I finished today's blog .... it was all wiped away, swept away as if by a wave.  I don't think I've ever experienced that before.  Then as I headed to work I turned on a favorite christian station.  Dr. D Jeremiah spoke about the King David's depression and how when he expressed it to the Lord he received comfort and healing.  He also spoke about a secular study on the healing power of Journalizing.  Wow.... it all comes together when we are "free" to listen.  We become free when we LET GO of what God already has in His hands.... all our cares. 

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