Monday, December 31, 2012

Why New Years Resolutions Fail

How to keep focus

Are you ADD?   Golly Ghee WHIZ  dumb question right?

                             However, do YOU HAVE  an ATTENTION DEFICIT ?  

Meaning, do you keep  "focus" on your GOAL?

  What will your "GOALS" be for 2013?

Now the BIG question, 
what happened to 2012 
New Year's Resolutions (goals)?

Let's do this.

Take a look a the habit you have when you wake in the morning.
Let's say it's a work day.  Do you do the same thing each morning you wake, in the same pattern?  

HABIT:   A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.

Stop and Think about this.

YOU want to set Goals

YOU  need to keep your F O C U S on those GOALS

"True Success"  can not take place until you take a hard honest look at your

H A B I T S that inhibit your focus 


interfere in reaching your goals.  

So THEN,    you're not really a person with ADD, you just have developed habits that over rule your ability to change your focus  and achieve your goals.

Measure that Waist line!     

So before you start the "NEW YEARS RESOLUTION" 
 sit  facing a  corner and have a talk with YOU.

What is your eating and exercise habits!  (ouch that conversation may be painful) 

OH YA....How about the daily habit of  feeding and exercising your Spiritual Being?  
How much time and effort do you spent keeping your Spirit Healthy? 

Then have a come to Jesus talk with yourself before writing your "new years resolutions"
Discuss the Habits you have developed that grew from Laziness and Selfishness  of choosing to live an indulgent life of self pleasure and instant gratification. 

It Stinks!   But, we actually need the Therapist Couch and Jesus as our Therapist to figure out why we fail.   It starts with being honest with what is the TRUE DESIRE of our Heart!

Is our Focus and Goals to Please the Lord and care for his Temple
Please our Carnal Nature of Self Pleasure?

1 Samuel 16:7

For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance,
 but the Lord looks on the heart.”

Every year we make New Years Resolutions!  

And they are the Same STINKING resolutions!

Cheer's to the NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS and Health and Wellness