Monday, July 31, 2017

When I am Old or Grow Bitter or Better

I have said for sometime now that I need to write down all the things I "do not" want to do when I am old.

For instance:

Feel the need to always speak my mind out loud....
            Example:  That is a ridiculous outfit that girl is wearing  (judgements)
                              My soup is too salty (complaints everyone at the table hears)
                              The world is going to hell in a hand basket  (Negative)

Share "when I was a kid" stories...
            Example:  When I was a kid we had only a black and white TV with two channels!
                              I use to keep a dime in my shoe incase I needed to call home
                              We had only one phone in the house and if someone needed to make a
                                     call you had to end your conversation.
                               We actually "dialed" the phone.

Move  far away from Family ....  then expect them to come help take care of me

Say stuff like - Why don't you ever call me ?

What I hope is that I will be a sweet little old lady.  Content with who I am and where I am.
    Grateful for each day God gives me and show my gratitude by not being a burden on those
    around me.

What I hope is I forgive and release those who have hurt my feelings, done things that caused me
disappointments, heartache etc.

What I pray for is that I grow better.... Find the strength to take care of myself (stay clean, brush my teeth).... put on lipstick and wear a smile!

Be a seasoned wise women of pray and thanksgiving

........I am sure I will add to this....

I think I'll start now being the "Old" women I hope to be .... A little girl in an old lady body.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Your choice or what Train are you on?

Filling your mind with Daisy! 

How beautiful   

Yet, it is our choice where our mind wanders to and takes a ride...  similar to finding your self on the wrong train headed to the wrong destination.  

Not sure how you got on the train but for "Heavens Sake" 
GET OFF if it's not the "Happy Day Express".  LOL

It is a natural occurrence that given life situations we may have our minds suddenly preoccupied with negative thoughts.... Thoughts that raise our pulse or plummet us into feeling of sadness, despair or hopelessness.

Self Awareness is all about Taking a Breath and taking appraisal of how we are feeling, what we are thinking .

As I have said multiple times in my blog... health and wellness is about balancing our life.
Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

What is NOT in our control are the actions of others.  
What is in OUR control is how we respond.

My choice.... is to jump into the situation... swim around thinking about it... mulling it over
... and then get OUT OF THE POOL and see  what I was just swimming in. (This is Self Awareness)

Mentally and Spiritually reading and contemplating God's Scriptures to SEE  the situation and RESPOND according to God's Word.

A painful situation of seeing people around me embracing negative  thoughts by succumbing to FEAR is the pool of sadness I was swimming  in UNTIL ....

I CHOOSE to fill my mind with Daisy!  
The action I took to help is actually capturing a picture .. Looking at it and then turning my thoughts to 
God's  amazing Creation 
His Promises seen in his Creation

God's Strength and Beauty can be seen if we look!

I can't change the actions of others however,  I can Change the Train (Train of Thought) and 
buy a ticket to get on the Train of  Truth and Faith
I can choose to FILL my Mind with Daisy's



HE is to be glorified in ALL my Responses

Amen and WHOO WHOOO 
Getting  on the right "TRAIN of thought"

Philippians 4:8-9New International Version (NIV)

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think (DAISYS) about such things. 
Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 1 of 5 

5 Actions 

1.  Learn something new (any subject)
      Curiosity about life unleashes our potential

Read The Art of Decanting  by Sandra Jordan.
One of the things I learned  in reading this book was why at the turn of the 20th century the  name of the wineries and vintage of the wine was printed on  the cork.

2. Exercise my body for 30 minutes
     Caring for the Temple of God

Exercised twice today for about 15 minute  each time.  
   Note to self:  Exercise at the beginning of the day so you won't end the day 
   disappointed that you forgot to do it.  

3. Plant a seed  (Act) of kindness 
     Expressions of  Gods love brings healing

Entertained Family at our Home....  This is weak but ok

4. Clean a shelf or a drawer in my home
     Symbolic for purging, cleaning, and prioritizing 

OOPS - forgot this one.  Does cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry count.  Answer: Nope

5. Write a thank you note to someone and MAIL it! 
     Thank someone for the gift you still use and appreciate.
     Thank someone for being a good friend.  

OOPS - sent a TEXT Thank you...  This is ok, but not  really the best way to say Thank you.

Tomorrow will be a great day! 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Go Coach Yourself or Five it

Making a commitment in writing.... powerful tool of self coaching (especially when it is in a blog)

For the next 5 days I will blog each day about the following five actions I have committed to do.  

Five Days
Five Actions

1.  Learn something new (any subject)
      Curiosity about life unleashes our potential

2. Exercise my body for 30 minutes
     Caring for the Temple of God

3. Plant a seed  (Act) of kindness 
     Expressions of  Gods love brings healing

4. Clean a shelf or a drawer in my home
     Symbolic for purging, cleaning, and prioritizing 

5. Write a thank you note to someone and MAIL it! 
     Thank someone for the gift you still use and appreciate.
     Thank someone for being a good friend.  

That is it... 

Why am I doing this?  
Well, (transparent) I lost sight of taking care of me ... I am not being true to myself .  I am disappointed in myself and need to get back on track. Putting it to paper (blogging)  is like a voice that floats above my head.



Friday, March 10, 2017

Radiant Health or A Talk to myself

We spend time and money seeking out just the right beauty product to keep us looking youthful and radiant.                                                                                         

Yesterday a ran into a Beauty boutique and noticed some crazy expensive Supplements ($80 for a month supply).  STOP THE TRAIN!  Good grief.  It wasn't a daily vitamin
it was a  Supplement for beauty
It was an reminder that slapped me in the head....what choices am I making when it comes to what I'm ingesting.  ahhh  not only food  but my thoughts, attitudes... anxiety, fears ... la la la... all of this contributes to our beauty and health. 

No, I didn't buy the supplements.  Instead I had a little talk with myself (those who know me well are not surprised that I talk to myself often). 

This mornings Scripture verse had the words Radiant Health (proverbs 4:22)
Wow, the same reference used by Dr Perricone in his  advertising quote "True Beauty is Radiant Health".   

Who I am is Who I choose to be....

A Victim of myself


.... A Victor in Him

1 Corinthians 6:20

For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.

Proverbs 4
20 Listen, son of mine, to what I say. Listen carefully. 21 Keep these thoughts ever in mind; let them penetrate deep within your heart, 22 for they will mean real life for you and radiant health.
23 Above all else, guard your affections. For they influence everything else in your life.

Reminder.. Beauty the result of  Radiant Health 

FEED the Body Healthy Thoughts by Guarding my Heart ( provers 4:23)
FEED the  Spirit the Word of God which is a life giving spring of Hope, Joy, Peace
FEED the  Body live fresh healthy food. (Drink water too!!!)
FEED the Body with Exercise (oxygen )

We reap what we sow.... so wake up sleepy head and get it together! 


We are
a product of ourselves (our decision... Choices).  
Stop the blame game.
 It's not genetics or environment that ultimately  determines   who we are.  

It is our walk (relationship) with the Lord.. the God of the Universe who created us and has a plan for our lives.  

We are created in His Image! 
Get out the instruction manual and start maintaining what he created!

ok... pep talk over



Thursday, March 9, 2017

Getting Dressed for the Day - Putting on Humility

Humility takes self awareness.  Stop, have a cup of coffee and reflect on your character
virtues... WHO ARE YOU? 


Today's Devotion spoke about Humility

Here you go... Read on

1 Peter 5:
......‘God resists the proud, but gives grace to the lowly.’ 
Humble yourselves, then, under God’s powerful hand, 
so that he may lift you up at the right time 
Throw all your care upon him, because he cares about you

Knowing who created you
Why you were created
Understanding your Purpose

.....this is the door to  real Peace, Joy, Love and Hope

Have a Good Day! 

      Wear your humility and  enjoy

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Book a Day keeps the Cobwebs Away or Don't be a Wooden Head

Side Note to this Blog : The University of Coimbra Library - Portugal

I had the priviledge to visit the Biblioteca Joanina Libray in 2016.
At Biblioteca Joanina and  the Mafra Palace Library, both, curiously, located in Portugal, and both built in the 18th century, small bats, about an inch long, act as guards against book-eating insects. The Globe reports on the bat-friendly places:
In an email, Campbell explained that the bats, which are less than inch long, roost during the day behind “elaborate rococo bookcases” and come out at night to hunt insects which otherwise would feast on the libraries’ books. The price of this natural insect control is paid in scat: The bats, Campbell writes, “leave a thin layer of droppings over everything. So each morning the floors have to be thoroughly cleaned…and the furniture has to be covered at night.”
Facts about Bats in the Library


The signs  have all point to .... READING !  Several reminders in the past few weeks have gently nudged me to think about the need for me to read.  Newly retired I have "time on my hands" and find myself when wanting to relax from cleaning, gardening and re-organzing my home... gravitating to TV while surfing the internet ( I have a need to multi task)  It really is Oh so BORING and STUPID.  So, I have come to recognize this is brain numbing. 

Ok,  on to the part about Reading...
My guilt  is now speaking ... Years ago I tried.... I really did  try... to surround my children with books.

Every night they were to read!
They were to pick out a book to take  it to bed. My Son's bedroom closet had boxes with childrens books.  Oh,  but my strong willed Italian/Sicilian children were oh so clever that I WOULD  end up reading to them!  They would all snuggle up on the bunk beds in his room for Mom to read.  It was a special time... however, they got away with not reading!

Nostaligic moment in my blog...
              I would read this very book that belonged to their Dad when he was a child.

Now... I have Grandchildren.... I have encouraged my daughter to have her kids READ books. Get  them off the iPhones...   The Truth Is... that I myself over the years have taken my Grandkids  to the book store as well I have brought them books.  I again have tried.

Now, in all honestly this comes from "me" who seldom reads. 
Oh, I may just surprise myself if I ever made a list of the books I have read over the year.  But it's "Over the years".  I find it difficult to read anything other then educational  and informative books. The last book I purchased several months ago (read only 1/2 of the book so far) was Dovekeepers by  Alice Hoffman.   So....

Today I make a committment to READ each day.  The Goal is to read a book a week.
Practice what I preach

1/4/18 Note Entry:  Yea! Completed reading a book that was started while on a Cruise. "Madwomen Upstairs".  Enjoyed.  Ready to find another book

Putting committment to paper (ok, committing in my blog)  I believe is the first step.

This weeks book is:

Just my thinking (why I need to read this book)

 I am the last 30 of my life. (Hoping to hit at least 90).

As I contiplate the next 30.... I want to stay Mentally Strong. So, I am starting with this book .  the Laugh is I purchased this book 2014 when at Canyon Ranch.  Oh me the procrastinator...

 Intent is 10%, Action is 90%.  Time For Action

Here I go....

It is January.... Go Prune Yourself

January 2017.... Here we go again... Facing a New Year !

Making New Years Resolutions seems so futile.  Broken commitments within days... (ya know, exercise plans, diet plans .. yada yada yada..)

Instead of thinking about "Resolutions for the year" I decided to just think about projects I want to take on.    One of my projects is working in the  yard.  Well, I love beautiful well manicured garden.  So, I  started by wanting to educate myself on Roses.  I have many rose bushes and was curious about how to care for them. Don't misunderstand, I am blessed to have a gardener who comes once a week.
And a fabulous landscaper.  So my projects are all about doing the fun stuff.

However, I  googled up "Roses" and found out that January is the time to prune  the rose bushes! This is important if you want  healthy  beautiful healthy roses.

Seriously, all this thinking was really just  a distraction to avoid  making up  list of  New Years Resolution ... so discouraged from never keeping my Resolutions! For heaven sakes, my gardener takes care of the plants.

Anyway, what I discovered... there is an amazing  parallel between  January's New Years Resolutions and  taking care of Roses.

January 1st  provides a fresh start.  making "New Year Resolutions" Because
January is the time we  want to get a "fresh" start.
The history of New Years Resolution is fascinating to me:

Personally,  it really does begins by our examining our life first.  There is no room for "new commitments" until we ... Prune ourselves! Improvement and growth  is stifled and inhibited when blocked by poor habits and emotional baggage.  My blog is dedicated to a balanced life.  Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.  When these are all tended to we become all that God Created us to be.. in His image.

Ok, back to the Roses.... JANUARY is the time for tending to Rose bushes.  It is the  time to trim away dead canes, Prune Back canes going the wrong direction! There is a word to describe how these two events (New Years Resolutions and pruning rose bushes)  relate... just can't think of it right now.

                                  COMPARISON OF OUR LIVES AND A ROSE BUSH

Pruning Rose Bushes each January: 
  • 1. Trim away the leaves  
  • 2.  Cut down all of the horizontal canes that are going in towards the center of the bush or crossing other canes You want to open up the center! Cut way DEAD canes.  You can tell if its dead by cutting and if green it's good.  If it's brown it dead or diseased.
  • 3.  Cut back your vertical canes  to an outward facing bud.  Angle the cut above the bud
  • 4.  Cut on a 45 degree angle away from the bud
       REMEMBER   THE FOUR D’s’  when pruning Rose Bushes
        Remove any dead, dying, damaged and diseased stems.

Preparing for the New Year - Self Awareness and Commitment to : 
  • Cut out the doing things that are unproductive (surfing the web & an unhealthy attachment to FB)
  • Break off the unhealthy habits that weigh us down 
  • Throw away the baggage of emotional disappointments, un-forgiveness, resentments, etc
  • Give away! Our Homes are a refection of who we are... so time to PURGE Closets, Garage etc
Saying all that... the way to successful New Years Resolutions begins with PURGING and PRUNING ourselves.  This allows room for new habits and life style changes. 

This, I truly believes takes being vulnerable.... seeing ourselves through the word of God. Identifying what  needs pruning, chopping, cutting, trimming..... in our life.  A need to be painfully honest.  There are times when we are in such denial or we occupy ourselves with finding false in others so we can avoid seeing our own false.  Hummmmm

       Plato's quote, "An unexamined life is not worth living"

Being TRUE TO ONESELF opens up ones heart and mind to fulfill what God purposed and planed.  

This must be done with caution !   Using the word of God to prune ourselves!
Lives are fragile.. Handle with care ... refer to the owners manual (The Bible)

Again, use the word of God to see the
beautiful fantastic design of who you  in Him  and go  


1/4/18 Note Entry:  Enjoying this blog entry.... good word to myself.