Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BEING ME! re-born, re-invented, a "do over"

Why wait?

First Day of the Rest of my Life.

 "once again" 
I'm trying to develop a new habit of taking care of me with this new "FITBIT"
Device I received for Christmas.  It's a device that keeps record....

It will hold me accountable with FACTS not what I "think and want to believe I am doing".  OUCH! 

My goal is not about losing weight and getting fit, but being"ME".  

  The "ME" who knows what to do and isn't doing it consistently!  
 (consistently being the operative word)  

To walk the talk is to: 

To Act on what we KNOW! To  show good judgement and strength and wisdom to say "NO" to poor choices.  This is about BEING ME!  The Me God Created  is the "ME in HIM" 

Acts 17:28 

In Him  Jesus)

we ("ME" )

live and move 
have our being. 

2013 Goals

HABIT #1  Commit All I do unto him
Whether it is eating, drinking, moving, "talking"

HABIT #2 Keep my Mind on Him... when distracted 
I will STOP, BREATHE and Speak His Word!

HABIT #3  Learn to Shut up! and LISTEN
Listen to HIM (His word)

CIAO and Salute! 
Blogging about TRUE Health and Wellness "getting back to our Roots" IN HIM