Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do you know "Art" or Why can't I lose weight?

"Who is this "Art" in Heaven guy
you keeping taking about?"

Do you know "Art"?

True Health, Wellness and Beauty is derived from "Balancing"  Your Life.

You are Body, Mind and Spirit

Your Creator "Art"  designed  YOU
Your Spirit in Housed in Your Body
Your whole Being is intertwined an connected

 Nourish and Exercise your BODY, your MIND and your Spirit

You WILL BE this amazing person God Intended you to be

Most of us are unbalanced purely because we are consumed about how we look.   
(outward appearance).  We think if we look "good" we'll be successful in life.   That is partly true.  First impressions are extremely important.  WE associate successful people with "looking successful"   So we chase the wind.... 
                                     We desire  to "loose weight"  get in shape because....?   

Why are most of us unsuccessful 
in losing weight we need to lose? 

Because we are NOT BALANCING our lives.

Flat out truth.....  is you need to
    Examine  your motivation to loose weight
    Examine your affair with food
    Examine your coping mechanisms in life
    Examine your general life style choices
    Examine your heart's desires in life
    Examine your thoughts
    Examine your approach to "what life is about"
    Examine, Examine, Examine....

Can I ask you?
Where does "Art" fit into your life?  

When you Examine who you are and why you were created 
(find your purpose for being)  

Then you will be able put all the pegs in the holes. You will be able to put together the puzzle of your life

Did you notice that the "Lords Prayer"  recognizes that we 

When we seek the Bread of Life the "God's Words"  more 
than the Bread of  the "Panera Bakery"... 
We will be "FIt for Life"
We need to Nourish our Spirit's daily with the "BREAD of LIFE"!  Wake up every morning 
and instead of heading to the Refrigerator... Head for the kitchen Table with the Bible and ingest the Bread of Life. 

All the nourishment we NEED to feed our Spirit is in the "Inspired Word" the Bible.  It holds the answers to all of our Questions.  

It holds within it's pages 

all the words we need to ingest 

to bring us 

Hope, Life, Healing, Wellness.

Do you ever ask yourself these question:  

Why do I resist or avoid eating the food's that I know are best for my body?   

Why do I resist or avoid reading the Bible?  

Why do I resist or avoid exercising?

The Answer my Friend will only come 
when you exam your life by the "Word of ART"

Sing it for me.... 
        "How Great thou ART"..... "How GREAT THOU ART"

Laughter is the best medicine! 

  Have a Blessed day
To your Health and Wellness

Carrie Underwood singing... How Great thou Art CLICK HERE for LINK

What a way to start my day.... listening to Carrie sing it out!