Saturday, July 3, 2010

WHY 21 days?

I started my journey for weight loss last year.

I knew that 21 days is what it takes to form a habit. So, I thought.... ok... I need to diet for 21 days.

But during my journey's... (I've done several 21 days journey's), what I found is this.

My struggle to "diet" was a fight... a fight with ME. Knowing what I needed to do... but not doing it!


I found that I couldn't lose weight.... I believed in the past it was my metabolism... it was menopausal, hormones... etc.

What I did find during these Journey's:
In order to fix my body (lose weight, be fit) I need to fix my mind!
In order to fix my mind I needed to fix my Spirit.

what I really found is "ME".

I found myself stll eating wrong foods, too much foods.... eating snacks before bed while I said to myself... stopped don't do it.... yet I shoved it in my mouth....... it was NOT ABOUT MY WILL......

It was about my SPIRIT! I needed to detox my spiritual life. I needed to "clean house" (detox)

I thought I was walking the walk with the Lord.... but TRUTH is that when I was seeking Hot Chocolate Chip Homemade Cookies at 11 pm.... I was really seeking to satisfy somthing in me.... emptyness, hurts, disappointments.... looking to food NOT the LORD!

The truth is FOOD can't satisfy our souls. THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!!

Yes, we are conditioned as children that when your disappointd or hurt, sad... whatever.... go eat some "nice ice cream... it'll make you feel better". Or so the voice of our mother's told us.

Bottom line.... when there is a weight problem IT IS A SYMPTOM of an unblanced life. We are conditioned (some of us) to use food to treat our PAIN. Yes, some use food, some use alcohol, drugs, sex... YES!

Harsh but TRUE.

For some there may be abuse as a child or neglect as a child that has manifested as an eating problem
For some it is harboring resentments, unforgiveness (unforgiveness of others, or not forgiving ourself )
.... TOXIC things we've held on to...
Maybe it's the current situation, circumstances .... Your just not happy... It's not your plan... You don't deserve it....
SO you turn to FOOD to make yourself "feel better"......

I'm sure there will be some that read this and turn aways saying "that's just crazy"....

I won't justify my statements in today's blog... but it will be forthcoming.

What I am saying is biblical and now recently I have found it is also Scientifically Proven.

Think about it... pray about it..

What has really held you from being a healthy weight
What has really held you from getting great sleep and waking up refreshed, full of joy
What has really held you in sickness
What has really held YOU back from living life!

ONLY Christ knows YOU, Only Christ Knows YOU!!!!
Won't you stop and ask him - He can Heal and cleanse and restore YOU!

Christ said:
John 10:10 ...." I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full"

..... My blog..... My thoughts.....

Salute! To your Health and Wellness

21 days is NOT a diet plan

The 21 day's to Health and Wellness is

It's about finding balance in our life.

We do this by first detoxing our Mind’s, Body’s, and SPIRITS.
We begin detox by becoming aware of what choices we HAVE been making regarding our lives.
Then we slowly start by making new choices during the "21 days" .

21 days of making HEALTHY choices for our Minds, Bodies and Spirit.

No, this isn't a diet plan. IT is a LIFE plan.
We make choices like:
Eating wholesome life giving foods.
Finding activities that bring health and strength to our bodies.
Reading and studying wholesome life giving books, Watching and listening to uplifting movies, music…. Finding ways to give, love, share.
We pray, journalize… memorize God’s words! HIS POWER.

We spend 21 days of focusing on WHY we desire to be healthy. 21 days of acknowledging WE are here to SERVE HIM… not ourselves.
21 days of seeking ways to be HIS temple for his purpose.

IN this YOU WILL find a “satisfying life”
a life of balance, purpose and direction. (because this 21 day journey is rooted in God’s Word)

When we bring balance and harmony into our lives.... the rewards are:
Physical strength... lean bodies.... energy.... skin that glows.... Healthy Hair.... “beauty”
Strong Minds.... quick thinking... increased memory... sound thoughts “beauty”
Spiritual Awareness.... living in Hope, Faith, Peace, Joy... “beauty”

What we are on the outside is really a reflection of what is on the inside. When someone is loving and kind, thoughtful and helpful…. Everyone can’t help but see a very Beautiful Person!

Balance! 21 days of acknowledging we were made in HIS image... start living it!

Salute! SMILE!

Day 3

Big Smile
Cup of Delicious Coffee in Hand
Hearing a Song's in my Heart that Uncle Johnny sang
Unfortunately, I don't know the title or half the words.... but I know the melody!
There's a name that's dear to me
took me out of sin and shame, how I love His precious name..
It gets sweeter every day, Serving Jesus Really Pays
Oh, How.... I love .... That name ....

Ready for Day 3

I think it would be good to re-cap day 2.

Not quite as chaotic as Day One morning, I had an appointment (early)... so the establishment of a routine had to be tweaked.

Yet, I managed to Do a quick Journal entry with Scripture Verse (although I know the past two day's of scriptures I MEMORIZED where they are in the BIBLE!).

I stayed on task with making healthy food choices with choosing the right quantity too. This by the way is getting MUCH EASIER!
Praise God.... these 21 day journey's are paying off BIG!

Even last night with company I stayed on task. Although I made a pasta dish, I ATE only a "fist" size portion! Hallelujah

However, lesson to be learned. Had I not done 15 minutes of exercise (Wii) during mid day, I would have missed out on exercise/activity yesterday. It is best to exercise first thing in the morning. You never know how your day will turn out.


Well, I'm committing my day unto the Lord.

Scripture today:

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:29

THIS IS IMPORTANT as I have been reading Dr. Caroline Leaf's book on our BRAINS. This scripture applies to ME hearing MYSELF talk using words that are uplifting and encouraging TO ME!!!!

We (humans) self talk all day long. Oh, yes! You may think that only I talk to myself. BUT, I challenge you to become aware how often your thoughts during the day are really "self talk". Yes, talking to yourself!

So,talk it up today. Encourage yourself with the Word of GOD! Say to yourself when your making a choice of exercise, "hey, I love how I feel after exercise..." or "hey, I love how good I feel when I choose a healthy snack", or "hey, I am a Child of the Living God and HE knows how many hairs are on my head right now.... HE cares about ME" or "I'm not facing this alone..... GOD is holding my hand and walking with me through this"

But your thoughts and WORDS in check ! ... So as a man thinketh in his heart, so is He (need to find where that is in the scripture's)

Ok, I'm pumped for the day! Praise GOD......

Salute! To your health and Wellness


As I was just thinking of the scripture today of "not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths...."
DO NOT LET any unwholesome "FOOD" go into your mouth!!!! (non-nutritional food's that only satisfy your lust not your soul)

ahhhh a song!
"be careful little mouth what you say.... oh be careful little mouth what you say.... for the Father up above is looking down in Love, so be careful little mouth what you say...."
"oh, be careful little mouth what you EAT!......LOL