Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Emoticons are people too or Faceless Conversations

Watching a Movie the other day (Letter's to Juliet) LOVE this MOVIE! 

I felt excitement
I felt Joy
I felt Frustration
I felt pain
I felt Happy

I laughed and I cried

Since I was sitting on a plane.... I was attempting to conceal all these emotions 
(except.....  I  do think it's great to laugh out loud.... as if no one is watching)

It then was a "ah ha" moment. Heaven is a place with NO sadness or Sorrow...  But how could you really know you are experiencing Joy without ever knowing Sadness?  Hummmm

RIGHT...  Hey what about those Beatitudes  in the Bible (Matthew Chapter 5)

"BE ATTITUDE's"  is about  all about our Attitude.  


is seated in our EMOTION

(dance around this thinking with me... ok?)

SO THEN  OUR EMOTIONS are .... our a result of  EXPERIENCES

How could you ever know  true Joy unless you  experienced Sorrow?

How could you ever know  true  Happiness unless you experienced  Sadness?

How could you ever know  true  Love unless......  you experienced  Loneliness?

Our life from Birth is a symphony of EMOTIONS!  
We are an emotional "people" 
we are HUMAN  
We are Fragile 
"We are"

"I AM"

 ahh ha moment:   
WE need to KNOW Sadness, Sorrow, Loneliness
so we can Truly know
Joy, Happiness, Love

No wonder we now find the need to 

EXPRESS and CONVEY our Emotions 

in our Faceless conversation!!

We are a People created like our Creator..... Created In his Image
Throughout the Bible God Clearly shows us he is a God who is a loving God, but also
demonstrates his Anger (at Sin).  He is a compassionate God.  

Do you know the Story in the bible when Jesus wept when he was told his friend Lazarus was dyeing?  John 11:35

We are EMOTIONAL PEOPLE because We were Created by an Emotional GOD

AND.....    Our "HEALTH" is absolutely needing
             OUR awareness of 
                             OUR "Emotional State" of Being.

Our Reaction to events, situations actually Set in Motion a Chemical Reaction in our Body
Candace Pert Chief of Brain Biochemistry at the National Institutes of Health,
explains Molecules of Emotion, neurotransmitters called peptides carry our
emotional messages. 

 “As our feelings change
this mixture of peptides travels throughout your body and your brain. 
 And they’re literally
 changing the chemistry of every cell in your body.”

When you "sing" unto the Lord... SING praises and words of a Thankful
Your Very Being is CHANGED (at a cellular level)

You want to be Healthy?

Start here....



Boost that IMMUNE system by

Daily   THANKING GOD for who HE IS
for What he has done (attitude)

PRESCRIPTION:   SING a Happy Song  out loud  t.i.d. 
(t.i.d:  Three times a Day)

seriously... SING OUTLOUD!  It will drown out any 
negative emotions
It will change our Breathing Pattern
It will affect your Heart Beat
It will transform your State of Being
(ya know I'm talking about singing a HAPPY SONG)

Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; 
meditate on and talk of all 
His wondrous works and devoutly praise them!

CIAO and Salute to your Health and Wellness..... 
just me blogging... blah blah blah

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Get in Sync or TURN UP THE MUSIC

The Rhythm of Life 

The expression of being "out of Sync" comes to my mind when I thought about the importance of  Rhythm in one's life.  When I think about how I love to have Music surrounding me.  If I could live life as if I were in a Musical... Ah, that would be the best!  

Can you imagine if you could just break out in a song in the middle of the store and everyone started to sing along!  (yikes, I'm exposing my "Pazzo" self)

Hey.....  Feel the Rhythm by Turning up the Music! 
   "Up" Beat and "Up" Lifting Music

 Are you Out of Sync?

You'll know if you're " out of sync "  if you evaluate the following:

How are your sleeping habits?

How about your eating choices? Craving Sweets or Carbs?

Emotionally, do you anger easily? OR have feelings of hopeless, sadness or apathy towards life?

How is your energy level?

Relationships are good or strained?

Being in Sync can help you to not just cope with life but.... 
live life
with zest, joy and excitement

Being in Sync is about  "being healthy" 

A Prescription for Sadness:

Rx: Dance and Sing qd x life

( Rx = Prescription
qd = every day)

Let's start at the Beginning to figure out  "what  the heck I'm talking about"

and I mean "The Beginning"!

In utero  a person develops and grows in a Rhythmic environment
The very Heart Beat of the Mother who is carrying  the unborn person creates this.

Then the Tiny Little Person is comforted by the rhythmic rocking as they are held  in the mothers arms which are then close  to the mother's Heart.

Wow, think about it: What a Beautiful design God made.
We Cradle in our arms to keeps  the baby close to our Heart. They can feel our Breathing (Rhythm) and feel our Heart Beating (Rhythm).

And when being Breast Feeding, the little person can feel and possibly hear the Heart beat and Breathing  of their Mother. It's instinctual that a mother  to hold and rock her baby. .... "Rhythm"!

AND Singing while holding a baby to bring them comfort accomplishes many things.

Singing:  It controls and soothes the Mothers breathing 
(music calms the Mom which benefits the process of breast feeding)  
The musical tones and rhythms of singing  then calm the baby....
                    (oh, I need to publish a paper on this....)

Guess you can read that I believe a persons life begins the moment the miracle of conception takes place.  The very design of their being occurs when the cells begin to divide and multiply and at the nanno second  of conception (sperm meets ovum)   the DNA the "map" of "Who a person is" has been determined.  

Guess you can read I believe that Breast Feeding is not only  the most natural way to feed a newborn, but the most healthy start of any persons life not just for the nutrition of the breast milk but the attachment and bonding during the process.  Nine months in utero needs to be followed with at least  9 months of being close in their mothers arms!   (yes,  there are exceptions where this can not take place, but it should be the except not a  just a lifestyle choice). 

"It's too easy to forget how fundamental rhythm is in so many things and how important musical rhythm can be," said symposium participant Patrick Suppes, the Lucie Stern Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, at Stanford, who studies brainwaves and language cognition.   http://news.stanford.edu/pr/2006/pr-brainwave-053106.html

I don't want to take the time right now to discuss the way 
our body' has a  "Circadian Rhythm"  

Definition:  circadian rhythm is any biological process that displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours.

AND...... What about when a 

Heart is 

"Off Rhythm"? (not a good thing)

     That is Called: ARRHYTHMIA   

I'm  getting off track  ....   OOPS! this blog was about
  listening to MUSIC!

Singing and Dancing
are like  eating  
Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables each day!

Listening, Singing and Dancing to Music feeds the Soul and Body.  
The Rhythm of  music "helps" put yourself into a RHYTHM.  
The Rhythm that every Cell in your body moves and flourishes with,  since conception.

Why do you think that when you come to "worship" at Church there is 
Music, song... Singing before the Sermon starts?

Why?  It's because it's known to Center one's thoughts and prepare ones
Heart to HEAR and become OPEN to the Pastors Teachings. 

Music Free's your SOUL ...  Music Heals and Nourishes your Being

All of this to say today.  

It is a Healthy Choice to  WAKE UP and 
SING out loud, Dance around the house..... 

LIVE People, LIVE !!!   

 Get in Sync with how you were designed.   
To live life in FULLNESS and with JOY.  

THINK ABOUT THIS:  Our Creator filled this world with motion and rhythm.  Stop and listen sometimes to nature.  Even the wind blowing through the Trees, the rhythm of the waves on the shore ... ahhhhh

Dance, Sing..... Wake up 

GET IN SYNC with Music 
                     by Listening, Singing and Dancing
(every cell in your body will appreciate it)

Exodus 15:2
The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father's God, and I will exalt him.


Ciao Bella! 

va bene! 
Blogging is the ability to Safely talk to oneself without being committed!