Monday, June 27, 2011

Wake up and smell the Coffee! or Breathe and Balance your Life

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

This is not possible unless you wake up and Get up and then  MAKE the COFFEE! 
(it's an action)

So, if you "want" this to be a GREAT day then.....

PLAN FOR IT then it has a better chance it Will Happen

Also,  when I say.......  Smell the coffee it  means :

Wake up and take in a good full deep breath.   

It'll Feed your BRAIN oxygen and detox your lungs 
since you have been passively been breathing all night.

As you Pull in the Oxygen into your lungs 
Say to yourself (as you take in and release each breath )



I WILL BE GLAD (thought)


 REJOICE IN IT! (action)

Say it over and over and over until the words penetrate and FEED your SOUL.

It tells yourself that GOD made the day you have before you.  Your Alive Man... Act like it.  
Then Tell yourself to Put your big girl panties on and Face it with JOY, BE GLAD, REJOICE  that you have another Opportunity to make this the best day EVER.  

Be Glad you have one more day to show Love, Kindness, Patients.... 
Be Glad you have one more day to show courage strength and FAITH!

No matter what Storm you wake up to.... Y O U  W O K E   U P!

You've now feed your Body Oxygen
You've now feed your Mind seeds for a Great Attitude

NOW, Go feed your BODY  some eat HIGH FIBER,  Nutrient Rich Foods!  Prepare for what is before you today.

Then  (oh, you thought I was finished? hahaha) 

Do 5 Minutes of Stretches and Maybe some lunges or jumping Jacks.... COME on for Heaven Sakes
MOVE that BODY.... Detox those dormant (from sleeping ) muscles.....

LOOK alive Man... 

YOUR ALIVE !... ACT Like it, 

Think like it, 

Flipping DO IT!

"it" is being Alive... dahhhh

Ciao and Salute to Your Health and Wellness

If you're still having problems getting motivated try this:

Turn up some "heart pumping tunes" 
Dance for ONE MINUTE 
Sing along! 

Yes, stupid... sing out loud!  
Do it..... You'll be pumped up for action 

It'll engage your: 
 Your Voice
Your Mind
Your Soul 
Your Breathing 
Your Muscles
Change the atmosphere in the room

You'll be sending a Strong Message to yourself that You Have a Winning Attitude and Your ALIVE!   

(if anyone sees you doing this and thinks your a nut..... so what?.... you're a nut who's alive!!! )