Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stayin alive!

Title has nothing to do with today's blog. It's just that I'm cleaning and pumped up!

Of course because I need to multitask:
I'm cleaning
Listening to Music on iPhone
Thinking about "stuff"

Some of it is Ruminating about a circumstance with some People that I can't change.
Heartbreaking and disappointing to say the least.

Yet, I've dealt with this before (different people). I did get over it and moved on, but it was a "BIG challenge".

This I Know: In myself I DO NOT HAVE the resource to "get over it and move on"
BUT, in the Lord with his word I HAVE the resource.
Give it to Got - "I see the people at the foot of the cross on their knees". And I too pray for them. I do forgive them and let "God deal with them in his way and time".

Next, I acknowledge that the "DEVIL" wants to rob me of my joy. Easily done when my mind thinks about this circumstance. BUT "I" my choice need to DIRECT my thoughts. THAT I CAN DO. My freewill!

now, ADD moment -

Social Gathering always over FOOD! YIKES!
Then I removed myself from self righteous judgement and said "HEY, what about the Last Supper?". Right, and the first Wedding? Changing water into wine.

Ok.... then

"this do in remembrance of me"

Keep priorities and desire in the right place.


Now back to....

where was I?

Oh ya

Cleaning! BYE