Thursday, February 17, 2022

 Day 14 

On February 1st I began blogging (journalizing) setting out to sea and seeing a storm blowing in on the horizon.  It was something I just had to accept. It was coming. I knew that I knew that although God has been preparing me for the “storms of life” for some time now… it still was a pain I can’t describe adequately. It felt like when in labor the contractions some on slowing then crescendo and then there is some time of peace and rest.  Incredibly with the prayers of many I surprised myself as I watch myself, like in a movie not just hold on to the mast of the ship as I wrote the storm, but showed up with strength and a woman of faith.  Ok, but on two occasions the emotional storm came to a head and I had to fall to my knees and just weep.  Crying out to the Lord.  Was that an act of weakness? No, but a natural response to express the pain that was pouring out.  Unable to contain it any longer.  The scriptures came to me that the Lord recognizes “there is a time to weep” Ecclesiastes 3:4.  Not a weakness of our faith but a humble reality of our nature. 

I witnessed a miracle during the storm. In the center of the storm HE was with me. In the center of the storm HE gave me comfort and peace. In the center of the storm HE held me in his arms. In the center of the storm HE was enough.  That was a miracle. But the miracles kept coming.  An answer to my prayer was witness before my eyes.  The miracle was talking.  The miracle was moving.  The miracle was smiling at me. Nope it didn’t stop there.  the miracle came home with me the next day. 

It is incredible that the intensity of our emotions in tragedy dosn’t seem to match the intensity of our emotions when we witness a miracle.  Not sure why.  Although we shout praise to God and place our hand over our heart as we hear and see a miracle, it is more “I know in my heart and my mind that I’ve just seen a miracle”.  

Well, the miracle continues to bring me to my knees in gratitude.  I just plead with my self to never be like the children of Israel who after being freed from slavery and walked across the Red Sea on dry land found themselves murmuring in the desert, forgetting the miracles they experienced.  I pray it’s always fresh in my mind and heart what the lord has done. 

In the storm I experienced a miracle.  I don’t welcome the storms but I am not afraid to face them.  

HE WAS THERE WITH ME.  His word says “He will never leave me nor forsake me”.

That is enough for me.