Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 1 of 5 

5 Actions 

1.  Learn something new (any subject)
      Curiosity about life unleashes our potential

Read The Art of Decanting  by Sandra Jordan.
One of the things I learned  in reading this book was why at the turn of the 20th century the  name of the wineries and vintage of the wine was printed on  the cork.

2. Exercise my body for 30 minutes
     Caring for the Temple of God

Exercised twice today for about 15 minute  each time.  
   Note to self:  Exercise at the beginning of the day so you won't end the day 
   disappointed that you forgot to do it.  

3. Plant a seed  (Act) of kindness 
     Expressions of  Gods love brings healing

Entertained Family at our Home....  This is weak but ok

4. Clean a shelf or a drawer in my home
     Symbolic for purging, cleaning, and prioritizing 

OOPS - forgot this one.  Does cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry count.  Answer: Nope

5. Write a thank you note to someone and MAIL it! 
     Thank someone for the gift you still use and appreciate.
     Thank someone for being a good friend.  

OOPS - sent a TEXT Thank you...  This is ok, but not  really the best way to say Thank you.

Tomorrow will be a great day!