Sunday, March 27, 2011

Are you Stuck? Get a little Help from your Friends

I went to BED THINKING about my Blog yesterday on "Making a Plan"

I woke this morning... did my usual routine and stepped on the Scale

*#%@!......   IT'S STUCK!

I've hit a plateau in my weight  ( no surprise...  it's what a body does) 
NO wonder I was blogging about making a PLAN!

Ok,  really... no dahhhhh it's what a body does when you need to "kick up the Heat".
I also need to be HONEST!   That can be like a Four letter word (no, I can't spell or count)

I just finished a few days on a vacation... socializing with Family.   So, I  "fudged" a little with the healthy food choices.  Ha ha.... No, I didn't eat Fudge... but didn't hesitate to have food and snacks that I KNEW were not in my classification of being "healthy life giving food choices"!

So,  instead of feeling discouraged this morning (although I did for a few minutes)
 I thought about "MY PLAN"

I walked into the kitchen and Said Get it together....
"First day of Fast":  NO breakfast today.... (see yesterdays blog)
give my desires to God 

yield to my Spirit controlling me this morning 


But what REALLY gave me even more strength is reading last nights blog and then turning on   PANDORA Internet Radio- Christian Rock Radio

Listening to  the Rhythm of the Music that has words that feed and help to center my MIND on What is REAL and HONEST and TRUE and Feeds my SPIRIT


Then I tried to look like I was in the locker room after a pep talk from the coach.... 
Made one of those ridiculous motions of "Ya, let's do this" with my arms 

You see,  YOU MUST engage ALL three of YOUR Being's

I engaged my Spirit: 
       Listen to uplifting Music to feed and encourage my Spirit
I engaged my Body:  
      Made a physical movement to tell my Mind... I'm doing this!
I engaged my Mind:  
      Blogged - Reinforcing my Thoughts

a real Game Plan that uses the whole team
your team members:

The Body, Mind and Spirit 
            MUST work together as a Team to WIN!!!!!

 Part of MY PLAN 
(taken from my blog of "The 7 Habits" December 26, 2010 )

It takes 21 days to develop NEW habits!  

Habit #1: Modify your food intake  - Count Calories and Nutritional Content of Food
Habit #2: Increase your activity level - Yes EVERY DAY! 30-45 minutes Minimum - BURN Calories
Habit #3: Eat breakfast every day - No Skipping meals ( 3 meals / 3 snacks) 
Habit #4: Monitor your weight regularly
Habit #5: Stay consistent with your eating - Healthy,  Full of Nutrients and Fiber! NO empty Calorie foods
Habit #6: Control your portion size and your environment
Habit #7: Be accountable

Ciao and Salute! To your Health and Wellness

The REAL Coach!   

He has a WINNING Plan for Your Life

Pick up His PLAY BOOK! ( The Bible)
it's all you need for
Your Body, Mind and Spirit

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