Monday, March 21, 2011

The chocolate chip cookie SHOW DOWN

Always searching for the Quick fix!  

Weight loss is rarely permanent when the Focus of weight loss stands alone.

Why do we resist looking inside ourselves for  the answer to...... 

"why we are ..... ummmm.... ok  I'LL SAY IT... F A  T " 

We want to jump over the reason why we have a weight issue and find a quick easy solution to losing weight.

Wake up and smell the Bacon FAT! 

Your fat because ...... 
                    "Careful there partner... I might  just have to shoot you if you say it!"

There are MANY many MANY reason why you may have a weight problem.
                       But the Solution is almost always the same:

BALANCE your Life...

I found that I became overweight because my life was out of balance.  

I didn't have a healthy approach to food - I always knew what was healthy but I resisted it (like peas on a plate!).  As I aged and my metabolism slowed down and my activity level slowed down... my weight went UP!  

As many diet's as I have tried and failed 
I became a double "F"
  Fat and Frustrated 

Then I discovered the truth.  I had to get to the root problem of 
why I had gained weight and STOP with the excuses. 
(and stop looking for excuses) 

Being overweight is a symptom not a disease.  
      But if left untreated being overweight becomes a disease.

When will you lose weight?
When you're ready to respect yourself
When you're ready to believe in yourself
When you're ready to forgive yourself
When you're ready to FREE yourself
When you're ready, When you're ready, When you're ready

When you're REALLY ready...  YOU will Start the Journey of finding yourself and thereby changing your lifestyle  choices and habits.  You will find freedom in Eating Healthy Foods and being Active.
You will find yourself.  (the person hiding behind the fat)

A Snap shot into my journey: 

My ol faithful Brownie that I took to Church Camp! 
 Why WAS a warm Chocolate Chip cookie my down fall?   

I've discovered there are "trigger foods" for me.
When I see and smell the aroma of the warm  Chocolate Chip cookie I think of my Dad.  He loved me making Chocolate Chip cookies at 10 o'clock at night.  I think of my kids... They loved my making them Chocolate Chip cookies at 10 o'clock at night.  I think of me... I loved me making myself Chocolate Chip cookies at 10 o'clock at night.   

                        I associate Chocolate Chip cookies 
with Family, Nurturing and Self Indulgence. 

This is  the story why I was ready to do a cartwheel in the middle isle of the airplane last week.  

The Airlines I travel has started in the past few months serving Freshly made Warm Chocolate Chip cookies during the flight.  Every flight you can  smell them coming!  I've tried to tell myself  prior to the flight  

  I'm going to say  NO 

I have to stop making excuses like ...

ah, it's only one cookie... so what

NO,  I have to be able to have control over food and say NO

MY BODY doesn't need that stupid warm gooey chocolate chip cookie. 
 It's important to me make HEALTHY CHOICES.  
And it's equally important to me to have control to say yes or no to any food. 
The spiritual battle raged within me... who will win?  

Me, Myself or I?
(aka: Body, Mind,Spirit)

Well, the dreaded moment was upon me.   The aroma of the Chocolate Chip cookies was wafting through the plane. I saw the Flight Attendant pushing the cart towards me. 

"I  don't need it,  I don't want it... 
it's not good for me..." (it's kind of a jingle) 

As I chanted this over and over in my head  the cart came closer 
(I was hoping my mouth wasn't moving as I talked to myself)... 

Suddenly I screamed in my head..." 

The flight attendant gently placed the cookie in front of my face (under my nose!)

And I calmly said "No thank you".  

DEAR GOD have mercy  I DID IT!   

I wanted to do a cartwheel.  I CONQUERED the giant.  Me, David... faced the giant and conquered it!  I gained such strength at that moment. 

  I Saw the COOKIE for What it was.... 

A POOR choice for my body.... 

NOT a moment of nostalgia, filling me with warm memories.

It's not been a "quick fix" for me to lose weight because I have done it ( I believe)  the RIGHT WAY.
It's taken me a year and I still have a little more to go.....

 I made a choice to become HEALTHY as my priority... 
               with the benefit of weight loss in the mix.

Some of the steps of my success: (I'm still working on me)
15/15/15 :  This is each day taking 15 minutes to feed my Spirit the Word of God/Praying 
                    Taking 15 minutes to feed my Mind food of positive thinking
                    Taking,  at minimum, 15 minutes to exercise my body 
Looking for foods that are colorful, fresh and full of nutrition - Not empty calorie foods
Seeing foods that are made with WHITE flour, sugar as TOXIC to my body
Seeing foods that are fried as TOXIC to by body
Eating a SERVING Portion (size of Fist) Learning: FOOD can never truly satisfy my soul
Counting Calories and Carbs and Nutritional value of what I put in my body
EATING 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day (NO Skipping meals or starving myself)
Learning that being over weight is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE - KNOW the ENEMY
Learning to use the WORD of GOD as my Weapon over self indulgence with food 
Recognizing MINDLESS eating - a symptom of imbalance  of body, mind, spirit
Learning the important of Forgiveness and Respect  FOR ME
Learning the important of a Heart of Gratitude for what I HAVE
Learning to grow BETTER and not BITTER
Learning to use POSITIVE affirmations about healthy food and exercising
DRINKING MORE than 8 glasses of 8 oz of water EVERY DAY!
BLOGGING!!!!  It's been my Chubby Buddy, my support and accountability

etc. etc. etc.....

Oh, oh ya ... I need to say this:  I started my Journey after a day of fasting.  Now, this was a challenge to fast for a day.  But I figured if I could fast for a Colonscopy... why couldn't I fast and pray for God to direct me in this journey.   Isn't seeking Health and Wellness more important then a clear (clean) picture the GI Doctor could see of my colon on the computer screen? 

Proverbs 16:3  

  Ask the Lord to bless your plans,
 and you will be successful in carrying them out.

Ciao and Salute to your Health and Wellness

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