Friday, February 10, 2012

Take on the FIGHT!

"I have a Cold"

"I am having anxiety"

"I am so depressed"

These are statements make me Shake my head and then shout out....  STOP IT!

Why oh why are you taking OWNERSHIP of these aliments?  W h y?

You may not think so, 
but I'm going to tell you that 
YOUR WORDS have power over you

When your  use your Voice to speak out ..... Your Ears hear what your saying and send a message  back to your Brain to reinforce  to your body what you just spoke

It goes something like this...

"hey Brain are you hearing what I am hearing?  We're Sick !"  

Then the Brain goes into  its act mode and begins sending signal's to the rest of the body to ACCEPT and rent out space in your body for your aliment or illness!

Ahhh, you don't believe me, do you?

I'm not going to site the research in this blog that I have read, but it's true.

The Power of the spoken word exist.

ok, then tell me this... do you believe this happens?

Your sitting on a park bench relaxed in the sunshine enjoying the day.

Then out of the corner of your eye you SEE a Snake... slithering towards you.
For those who are "normal" and hate snakes...
what happens to your body PHYSICALLY?

You begin sweating
Your  heart races
Your eye's dilate....
You being to breath  rapid!

Because  of YOUR mind....
        YOUR MIND tells your body  you are afraid of the danger of the snake.

Nothing touched your body!  Yet your body reacted to what your mind says your afraid of....

My point is that we use about 1/10th of our brain power!  

Try to expand and use the FULL 10th and think about this...

The connection between our Mind and our Body is tightly woven in the womb.  It is a symbiotic relationship that most people do not respect nor tap into.

I'm telling you..... 

When you SAY you own something... 
your body ACCEPTS it and acts on it.

So, DO NOT TAKE OWNERSHIP of illness, symptoms or fears!

Here is what you do say:

I AM FIGHTING a headache
I AM FIGHTING Irritable Bowel Syndrome
I AM FIGHTING depression

This is you TELLING YOUR BODY....
 that you are a child of the 
and you DO NOT accept 
what comes against you.

In Fact, I was inspired tonight by one of my daughters with this idea...

To Name  the things that come against us so we can visualize Fighting them!

Anxiety's name will be: Agnes

Depression's name will be: Doris

Fear's names will be: Freda 

(my apologies if  these names belong to you or  someone you know)
*Note:  They name Hurricanes, right?

So when you're feeling anxious....

Say out loud.... "I'm fighting Agnes! "  

SEE YOURSELF in your mind 

         punching out Agnes and firmly stating.... 

"I know who you are and I'll knock you out if you try to take hold of me! I am a *child of the most powerful GOD of the universe and My Body his the living temple of His Son and in the Name of Jesus.... Get out of my way"

(*of course, this is true  only said if you have accepted Jesus into your heart as your Savior, otherwise.... sorry, but without Christ you have to fight it on your own, in your own power and.... who then get's the glory?)

Ya, I know..... I'm a little nutty sometimes. But, why not.... God made us delightful creative beings.... let it go and be a little nutty sometimes.

But, what I have said is a truth that I not only believe but have witnessed.  

There are people who embrace illness and aliments.  Sad, but true.  They do it for attention or they may do it because they live in Fear and it's all they know.  

Their illness becomes their companion  
They nurse it, feed it... and hold on to it.

  Sad but true they find a sick kind of comfort in being ill all the time.
Always telling people about their most recent aches and pains.

This is the truth: I have had patients  tell me when asked if they have a headache  respond "not yet"

No matter HOW you FEEL.... NO matter what you have been told or diagnosed
YOU do NOT take ownership of "it".  You tell "it" you belong to God and your body is God's Temple and it will never be welcome in you! 

No matter what is happening to you... Speak the Words of Faith, Healing and Deliverance. Confess out loud Your Faith

God made us in his Image
 but it is
Your Choice to Live like a Creation of a Loving God.

Until we get to heaven, we may face .......Agnes, Doris and Freda... 
or other  illness's and ailments.  

BUT, we can C H O S E to
with the Power of the Written Word of GOD.

1 John 4:4

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them
because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

OK, that's it
I'm done
No more
Bye Bye


My blog  is dedicated to Living in  True Health and Wellness