Monday, January 17, 2011

Doing what is RIGHT when things are going LEFT

Very interesting to me that there are not more books about weight management from Christians.... that share equal attention to the Mental and Spiritual aspect of weight management.

Hummm.... maybe I've just not found it yet.

Any way, Any who..... this morning's blog thought.

When I step onto the scale this morning.... I immediately (besides taking off everything but my hair) started to pull off  my excuses for what I might  see on the scale....
"maybe my body retains more water when I'm at a higher altitude".  I wonder how much my glasses weight (I need to wear to see the scale)?

Right.... no change in the scale... in fact 1/2 pound more than yesterday.  Instead of quickly reviewing the previous two day's worth of exercises ( I wouldn't call what I did as a real WORK OUT), I was just quick to say....

  " that's ok.... I'm doing what is right"
I KNOW that in the past few day's I have chosen healthy foods for my body....
I KNOW that in the past few day's I've gotten on my exercise bike and played on the Wii for Fit.  
I KNOW I'm doing the right stuff.
I KNOW I've made it a point this week to begin a 21day commitment to develop the habit of falling to my knees every morning (if for a 3 minute prayer)  I'm still doing it!
I KNOW I'm filling my mind with positive internal dialog  "I can, I will, I am going to stay strong taking care of me"....


The past few days reading (devotional) was on Forgiveness.  PERFECT!

As I made my oatmeal I had the thought.....

When we come into a relationship with God.... when we desire to follow his commandments (love one another.... forgive those that hurt us before they ask....make right choices to live a Godly life)

WE EXPECT to see God's Gifts in our life!

Well, just like the scale doesn't always go our way
So our lives does not always go our way 

                      It doesn't mean we should STOP 
doing  what we know is right.

We are at times persecuted by others EVEN when we are doing thing right
We are at times persecuted by the freaking Scale even when we are doing things right.

Neither can be used as"confirmation" that we are on the right road.  

Yet, both need to be considered carefully...
 it does cause us to reflect and be mindful when we don't see what we want to see
             and then ask .... ARE we REALLY doing thing's right?

Do not be:
discouragement when you step on the scale and it's not    rewarding you with a drop in  the number

       Do not be:
discouragement when you still have people and event that that do not acknowledge or appreciate  that you're  giving
               and doing your best.....

Do what is right because YOU HAVE INTEGRITY!  

You may not see an immediate reward of your efforts of doing what is right .... 
                   IT IS THERE...  BELIEVE IT!

Ciao, and Salute!