Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eat Fudge and Lose Weight or Clean your HOUSE

Are YA KIDDING ME!  How stupid are we to get suckered into lines like these "Eat and Loose".   It's work! Face the Truth.   Work has it's Rewards.... Laziness has consequences.  Trust me.... I'm not happy that I can't just "think myself thin" or "eat my way to the perfect weight"

I think (as I try to often do)  why is it such a struggle every day to maintain my health and weight?

The past two weeks I have been feeling sluggish, less then cheerful and menopausal.
I'm not happy that my past two years of blogging didn't seem to stick and  trying to re-invent myself seems like a past dream.  I'm still me!   Struggling. Still knowing what to do but not always doing it.

This morning the thought occurred to me that it's a lot like being a homemaker.

Every "stink in" day I have to wash dishes, do laundry, sweep floors.  Dang it!  It's a DAILY chore to maintain the home.

Ok, So..... dahhh, wake up call to me.  I have to stop living in "LALA land" and face the truth.  Even with my Prince Charming... I have to take care of the Castle!

YES, it's a daily chore to take care of my body, mind and spirit. 
One day of neglect and it will catch up with me when I step  on the Scale! 

It truly is  a lot like a neglected home, even for ONE DAY.... shhhhh  ya don't want to invite anyone over!

So, Smack my head and wake up and smell the coffee
Stop moaning about it and Get to Work

TRUTH: I have neglected the past two weeks and need to get back into the swing of things.  Get my grove back....

That is to get back on track with the following:

1. Pay attention to eating "healthy choices"
Which is: High fiber, Low Carbs and lots of fresh organic colorful foods!

2.  Drink WATER!   (I'm getting upset with myself because I fail to do what I know I am to do.... drink 80-120 oz of water a day

3. MOVE THAT BUTT..... yap!   Why is it I love to go on my walks and yet find excuses to not go?   Oh, the need for a lovely couch in  a psychiatrist office to detangle my brain.

Burn more calories than I eat  
Eat less calories than I burn  
Come on!  Ya don't need a physic's degree to figure this out 

4. Really this is NUMBER ONE.... wake up every morning and Feed my Spirit
This mean:
a.  The moment my eye's open  .... Slap a big silly smile on my face (this really has psychological benefits when your brain get's the message from the muscles around your face that you are smiling.  The Brain says, Hey.... here is a message ... she's happy! So start sending out the Happy hormones and Chemicals to the body)
b.  Eat the Word of God which is life giving words of encouragement, guidance, strength and Joy for a successful day.  Hard to start the day without knowing WHY you should get up and what you need to accomplish for the day.  (Here to serve Him and prepare for eternity)

ok,  that's it

Time to blog again and get my groove back

Ciao and to YOUR Health and Wellness mia Amici