Monday, February 21, 2011

Have a "YOU TUBE" moment or See it, Say it, Feel it, Believe it: FAITH

Reinforcing concepts you want to adopt as 
lifestyle changes 
happens when we Rehearse over and over again.  

Like practicing a song on the piano.  If you miss a note, you just start again and practice, practice, practice until you get it!

This morning I chose to "reinforce" my choice to eat a healthy breakfast by taking a picture of it.
           I'm a very "visual" person... it's how I learn.
I want to reinforce what I choose to believe by taking a picture of it.

So, I staged what I choose to have most mornings for breakfast.  
I don't care for  bottled Juices in the morning.  I'd rather make my own fresh juice.  Apples! or Fresh squeezed orange juice!  When I'm pressed for time  I choose the Joint Health EmergenC pack (great for joints).  I make a 4 oz glass of cold water and quickly stir up one package of EmergenC and 1 heaping tsp of Kyo-Green and drink it down fast.  Easy!

One Scoop of Oatmeal... chopped raw Almonds, 1 tsp Brown sugar (sometimes I use honey)
1/4 cup of chopped banana, 1 tsp butter (yes!),
a tsp of Chia Seeds, a tsp of Wheat Germ and  
Cinnamon (sprinkled on top)
Next I make my Oatmeal!  It's high fiber makes this a good choice for several reasons.  One of which is that it sustains me and keeps "MR HUNGRY pangs" away for hours.

YES, My delicious bowl of oatmeal.
Portion is about the size of my fist
and topped with Whip Cream sprinkled with Cinnamon
It's appealing, satisfying and a HEALTHY Choice

Rehearsing and managing situation in in your mind.

Have you ever rehearsed what you are going to say prior to calling someone on the phone when you have something difficult to say?

Take this technique to gain control over what you know you need to do when it comes to food and exercise.

For instance,  (my situation)
See yourself  in this situation ("You Tube" it) and rehearse what you going to do when the Flight Attendant is passing through the cabin with warm chocolate chip cookies, offering one to each passenger.
See yourself sitting in your seat (seat belt fastened in case there are any unexpected bumps) and sense the aroma of the warm cookies filling the air.... see the soft chewy cookie laden with melting chocolate chips cradled on the little cocktail napkin.

THEN see and hear yourself 
say "No thank you" 
Rewind.... play it again.... Rewind.... play it again.... 
Rewind... (get it?)

Now, feel you are feeling strong and pleased with your decision.  See those around you applauding at your strength and determination to make healthy choices. (ok, erase that last part of people in the plane applauding)

But, rehearse over and over again.... always with the end result of you feeling strong, confident and pleased!

TELL YOURSELF  that  it is a good choice and 
it makes me HAPPY to say NO thank you  


Wake in the morning and before getting out of bed... SEE yourself in your work out clothes... exercising ("You Tube" it)!
Saying to yourself
"I feel so great when I exercise"  
"I feel so much stronger and more confident, when I exercise"  
"It feels good to move and stretch my body"  
"MY body is healthy and stronger when I exercise"
"I like taking care of me"
"It feels great to respect my body"

Then as you proceed to start your day...  keep visualizing exercising (Re-play the "You Tube")   and say to yourself  "ahhh, I'm going to make time and do this!"

Rehearsing and practicing (re-playing the "You Tube" moment and doing retakes) is taking "control" of your situations.  IT will feed your spirit and mind.  It's what is called a "feed back loop".

Your choice to have this internal "YOU TUBE" moment will feed your mind and spirit strength and encouragement as you develop choices that increase your health and wellness.

When your facing a "Goliath" (as we all do each day)
.... See yourself talking with GOD (He can be a burning bush or a in a soft breeze, or in a pure white robe with light radiating from his being... your choice of course)

Hear His words of encouragement (pull out those scriptures, please) so you can speak to that Giant in your life  ....

"If God before me, who can be against me?" 
as David did in the Bible when he shouted at Goliath
Put those stones in the sling and 
SEE him FALL! 

Create the "You Tube Moment" in your mind... 
play it as you want it to happen.
Rehearse what you will do and say! 

Empower yourself! 

Reinforcing concepts you want to adopt as lifestyle changes happens when we Rehearse over and over again (21 days to form a habit).

It's a powerful tool when we 
see it in our mind and feel it in our heart. 
I call that... "FAITH"

Hebrews 11

Faith in Action
 1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for 

and assurance about what we do not see.

Believing in yourself
Believing you are a "can do" person

Be it, do it and give the glory to God

Do it for your health and wellness

Ciao!  and SALUTE to your health and wellness today

I think I'll make a Few "You tube" moments today... I feel so creative!