Sunday, March 10, 2019

Day 3

Well, I'm proud of myself.

Baby Steps!  (Love "What about Bob" movie)

I wasn't kidding about setting realistic goals for exercise.

Do what you love or in my case "like" and start VERY VERY Slowly with "baby step" goals.

Yap,  3 minutes last night for exercise turned in to a whole 4 minutes.  LOL
The day was slipping away.  I had the usual energy for motivating myself to exercise.
But fortunately I have that silly looking bright orange board smack dab in the middle of the family room in full view  It is the .  So, I got out of the reclined position I was in watching TV and said to myself.  "Self, do it while the dumb commercials are on"  Yes,  commercials are about 3-4 minutes.  Perfect!

As I thought this mindset does reinforced how NON-Painful it was to do a few minutes of exercise.  Ok, I got it. What is the benefit of twisting for 3 minutes?  It isn't the  physical exercise but the "mental" exercise of developing a habit of exercise.  I know how this works.... it's a mind game getting ourselves to exercise.

We are selfish by nature.  We only "want" to do what feels good.  Now, for most of us sitting and eating mindlessly while watching TV  is what feels good at the moment.  Then we become very sad when putting on our skinny jeans. Why because we "mentally beat ourselves up" over sitting and mindlessly eating while watching TV when we should be MOVING and getting some exercise.

So, starting out with "telling ourselves"  we can manage 3 minutes creates an empowerment that will evolve into "Hey, this isn't so bad, I can do more than 3 minutes".  Eventually the goal is to exercise  at least 30 minutes a day.  10 minutes warm up 10 minutes cardio blast and 10 minutes cool down.
Weight bearing for bones and cardio for overall health! I am well aware of the drill.

As I said, today I actually got on my elliptical machine!  Yap, turned on the church service I normally watch on the couch with a cup of coffee and instead  at a very low stress impact did a casual 10 minutes.
Yippee.... I am on my way to developing a consistent new habit for the next 30 days!

Collagen Shake in the morning
Some form of exercise every day!

Ciao... feeling strong... feeling brave and ready to Rejoice, Pray and Praise God for what He has done for me.