Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wii Age or Go Balance Yourself

Day 7 (the Perfect number)

I did it!
Alarm went off at 6 am ("harp" alarm sound)... nice and gentle
Coffee in hand (dark outside, but oh well).... on my knees R E A D Y!

hummm ... how do you pray while on your knees?
Here is my thought (I can hear you asking me)

Start with "the TOP 10" things to THANK God for
Then you can go to "the TOP 10" things to ASK God for

Then go back to THANKING God for his Attention and Answers to your Prayers

 A GREAT(ful) way to Start Every DAY! Click and Listen! (link)

It would be ideal to have a certain place to "fall to your knees"  (I seek a soft surface)
Quiet, Peaceful... no distractions. However,  A closet, A room... wherever... NO EXCUSES! please
It would be preferred to have music that creates this environment.

Music is a Powerful Tool 
A Tool to use for our Health and Wellness

 This is truly a powerful and cathartic tool (Prayer every morning... ON OUR KNEES)
 in balancing your LIFE!  The Spiritual Being needs Food, Nurishment.... and Exercise too!  This is where I TRULY BELIEVE we become MOST IMBALANCED and illness follows.

As I said in an early blog - A physical action such as changing the  muscles on our face when we smile invokes a chemical reaction in our brain!  This holds true when we are on our knees with hands raised in the air... this position of our muscles and joints... sends signals to our brain to release chemicals and hormones... that surge power and strength throughout our body.

" Balance" of our 
is something that  OUR needs ATTENTION!  

I found that when I purchased the Wii with the Fitness DVD... I was AMAZED when I saw my Wii Age about 20 years older than I am....  Right... what the heck!  like 74!!

Wii Age is based on your physical ability to "BALANCE"  

any  Wii age older than you are is SAD... she is only 28! 

Yes, that is true  

The Core strength of  the body brings us BALANCE
 it is a direct link and contributes to our general health .  

There it is again, 
confirmation on my seeking  true "BALANCE" 

The truth about  OPTIMAL Health and Wellness!

                  *****************  MENTAL Balance*****************

An article on our "state of mind"....
For instance... Happiness  Studies show that focus on positive emotions -

 curiosity instead of fear, 
compassion instead of anger 

leads to broader, more flexible thinking, 
more playfulness and exploration,
 and richer social connections.  

Positive emotions also temper negative feelings' corrosive physiological effects-especially their impact on the cardiovascular system.  

It's not surprising, then, that people who habitually adopt an optimistic focus have fewer health problems and live longer than their more pessimistic counterparts.

Experts attribute about 50% of a person's happiness to genetic endowments and another 10% to circumstances-where we live,how much money we make and how healthy we are. That leaves 40% of our happiness in our control

Doing things, not buying things gives you the most bang for your buck.  why?  For one thing, says University of Colorado at Boulder social psychologist Leaf Van Boven, PhD, it's easier to reinterpret experiences than to retool material purchases. If your new smart phone disappoints you, then you have to either shell out for a better one or lower your expecations.  But, if it rains on a hiking trip, you can recast the drenching experience in your memory as a character-building challenge.

Also, sharing life experiences with others helps satisfy our need for social connection - another known mood booster.

prevention magazine article: The Sunshine State December 2009

Now...  GO  and Balance your day:

  • Physically feed and nurish your body with fresh colorful ORGANIC foods8 glasses of WATER, Sunshine for your Vit D!  Exercise to feed your muscles and organs

  • Mentally..... choose to see events, people and experiences in a Positive Light.  Read  and Study material that brings strength and exercises your mind

  • Spiritually... have a Talk with your Creator and read HIS instruction Manual on how you work (especially the troubleshooting sections)

B A L A N C E!

Ciao!  TO your Health and Wellness