Monday, February 7, 2022

Day 4 at 6am

One Day at a time is really about living in the moment.  How often we waste being present in the moment  because of worry about tomorrow. Being preoccupied with events of the past. I believe it does take self awareness and self discipline to … be our best. That wasn’t an easy sentence to write.  I’ve never ever liked the word discipline. It “feels” so negative.  But, I can swim around in the word self awareness all day long.  Self awareness is about being present in the moment. 

Keeping our thoughts in check.  Isn’t that self awareness? ROLLER SKATE ! I wonder if as a child when roller skating what were the thoughts going through my head. Certainly it wasn’t thoughts of self doubt, or fear or ….wait!  Maybe a little fear of  of being cautions about the cracks in the sidewalk or keeping an eye on the surroundings.  I was panicked around dogs as a child. Listening for cars.. Oh, right and I hated the sound of a motorcycle coming down the street.  That always scared me. Gheeze, I had some childhood fears. Yet, despite the fears and concerns, I’d put on my roller skates and take off excited to feel the wind blowing past my face and tossing my hair.  Oh, I loved the sense of freedom.  Kind of like the wish that I could fly. 

Well, I guess life is still about the same.  I face the day wanting to roller skate through the day. And actually “in my mind” I can.  It only takes keeping my self in check. Where are my thoughts? As I face a task like, ok for instance …. Cleaning the kitchen. I don’t know that’s such a big deal, besides the fact it is a never ending task.  However, to roller skate through it I put on my “Polly Anna” attitude.  And I then am wheeling down the sidewalk with blue skies and the feeling of flying.  It’s easy… I just center my thoughts on grateful praise to God.  Here is what it sounds like.  Thank you God I have a kitchen to clean (there are those who have no home), Thank you God I feel healthy and strong to clean the kitchen (recalling days I’ve been ill ) Thank you God I have dish soap (recalling the day’s I barely had money to buy cleaning products) Thank you God I have food to put away (so many in the world without food for their family) Thank you God I have hot water (Yes, I recall the hot water tank being broken) Thank you God I have dishes … Well you get the point.  There is so much to be grateful for when we center (fix)  our thoughts on “whatsoever things that are good, pure, lovely…”  Philippians 4:8

Oh, the mind is a powerful powerful tool.  And the scriptures remind us that the battle we face each day is fought in our minds. So, putting on the helmet of Salvation is critical to facing the day.  Yes, one day at a time…. ONE THOUGHT AT A TIME. Being aware of “what are we thinking about” what direction our thoughts take us when faced with fear or worry.  

Here I go again…. There is a Sunday school song I loved as a child that I’ll end with.

🎶“My Mommy told me something, a little girl should know, and it’s all about the devil and I learned to hate him so. She said he causes trouble when you let him in the room and he’ll never ever leave you if your heart is filled with gloom.  So let the Sunshine in, face it with a grin.  Smilers never lose and frowners never win… So let the Sunshine in face it with a grin, open up your heart and let the “ Son “ shine in”.

😃There is a physiological and psychological reaction in your body when you SMILE * (action of a grateful heart). A chemical message is sent to your brain and endorphins are released. Look it up!

So, I will face today with a Smile and a Grateful heart by facing every task, every fear, every worry that flys at me with words of thanksgiving, praise and gratitude.

Lace Up… I’m facing the day.