Friday, May 6, 2011

And I didn't get this from Tony Robbins

I can't believe it...

I know it's true.... so why am I so surprised.  
                      I know the truth, but it seems to get lost in the noise of my life.

I'm working on a project that has given me a shot in the arm of excitement and energy!

This is why I need to blog this fact.,,,

When you find a passion for something... 
you'll find a renewed sense of being

Ya know I talk about balance in our lives brings Health and Wellness

This morning, it dawned on me that our creator placed this need for "passion" in our lives.

We live a slow boring fatiguing existence when we deny our self the experience of being passionate about something or maybe" someone" or maybe a dream, vision or desire.

     Passion  is what motivates us, 
inspires us, feeds our very being.

I believe that it was and is God's desire that we (humans) are passionate about a relationship  with HIM.  Yet, in our carnal nature, we seek out "things" that really never fully satisfy this longing for "passion" in our life.  Oh, we may find it temporarily ....  

but really finding ourselves happens   when 
we find  our passion is a
relationship with our creator  

Then we have a passion for loving ourselves as our creator loves us

We will then start to respect 
our self by taking care of our self  

I know that my passion for loving and nurturing my family motivate me...   
It's also True, that when I've been on a project like decorating a home, or planning an event/dinner... I feel the passion and excitement that motivates and inspires me to feel fulfilled in my accomplishments. 

Well,   I have come to recognize  that finding "passion"  to take care of and nurture me has been transforming.   

It came from acknowledging and acting like  I'm created for a purpose.  

BUT, Until I balance my  whole being (body, mind and spirit)  finding "passion" is nearly impossible. 

You know I like parables, so here is one:

 Picture yourself as a car ....
a car that is deeply in need of being repaired.  Your seats torn, soiled... the interior smelly from left over fast food left on the floor.  You use cheap gas and the exterior is needing cleaning and detailing.  

WHO in the world would want to ride in this car!   
                 How can you take care of transporting others ?  
                                         How reliable are you to get to your destination? 
I'm relating this car to ... someone who may just sit's around!  No direction -  
NO planned destination!

I'm relating  that this car ... has the smell of unforgiveness, resentments and  is harboring anger, like old left over fast food trash.

 I'm relating that the repairs  needed  would  be needing to exercise to detox your body of the pollutants you're exposed to in the  food you eat and in the air you breath. Exercise to redefine and strengthen those muscles.... to bring oxygen to every cell in your body (including your brain that needs some oxygen! LOL) 

I'm relating that the soil and dirt are like the thoughts we take in and store in our mind.. 

The  "NEGATIVES.... the " I can not do it", " it never works", 
 "*@O(#&%*#  always happens to me",.... 

the statements of defeat ..... 
an acceptance reinforced by the self  proclaimed prophetic words  of   
"I AM.... sick,  I AM... getting sick"  
The self flagellation's that we do to our self that defeats our spirit. 

The car in this parable is your Body...  The Temple that your spirit lives in.

(physically, mentally, and spiritually)

                              BALANCE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!

The passion to feed and nurture  and cleanse  our  
each moment of the day 
happens when we recognize that 
our body is the TEMPLE that is the home for our eternal Spirit.  

It's a temple (our body) that has invited 
a living GOD to living in! (?)
 RESPECT IT!  Catch the passion to repair, clean, re-decorate the temple!  

Matthew 9:16  

 16 “Besides, who would patch old clothing with new cloth? 
For the new patch would shrink and rip away from the old cloth, 
leaving an even bigger tear than before.

Let God's word RENEW you

Physically, Mentally and Spiritually


When I bring balance to my world 
I then become available 
to be "passionate" 
about following 
my dreams, hopes and desires
 I then will  have the courage to reach higher

Catch the Passion!


Golly geewhiz, blogging (daily Journal) is my devotional each day.... I LOVE IT
 try it!