Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reminder on Day 5 (21 day journey to Health and Wellness)

  • Wake up and as you open your eye's PUT ON A SMILE!  (message to brain that your happy)
  • Stretch while in bed and speak words (out loud or to yourself) of Thanks giving - At least 3 things to be thankful for: i.e.  You woke up! could be one

  • Do your thing and then weigh your self - ACCOUNTABILITY

  • Fix a pitcher of Water for the Day  (1/2 your weight in oz) and add a squeeze of lemon - Goal Setting

  • As you make your choices for eating throughout the day - Choose Life giving foods that are full of Nutrition and fiber.... Try to avoid foods that come in a box, bag or can - I said "Try"

Now.... 15/15/15  today and every day to bring balance to your life

15 minutes of feeding your Spirit :  Read the Bible (Your instruction manual from your Creator)
    choose a scripture for the day that you can quote that brings you inspiration, focus, purpose, strength
    Actually talk with your Creator!  He actually created you for his pleasure and Loves You
    Actually Listen!  that's all  "BE STILL and Know that He is God and wants to bless you"

15 minutes of feeding your Body:  Exercise your muscles (your heart is a muscle)...  3 to 4 times
    a week this should be increased to 30-45 minutes.  BUT every day  15 minutes!  Think
    about this when your sitting in a stupor watching the TV -  Honestly, Respect your body.

15 minutes of feeding your Mind:  Journalize!  Journal your thoughts.  Get a hold of unresolved
   feelings, get in touch with why you think the way you do.    When you have a negative thoughts enter
   your mind, Get a hold of that thought , evaluate it:  Is it true?  Is it based in Fear or Love?   Detox your
   mind is as important as to detox your body and spirit.  A journal is the ultimate expression of self help.

Set your short and long term goal - make your list to keep in an obvious spot to help you stay on task
(some ideas to guide you)
Set your  goal for your Body:  weight, physical strength, calorie/carb intake....
Set your goal for your Mind:   self improvement
Set your goal for your Spirit:   closer more intimate relationship with your creator

Fill your Mind, Body and Spirit with wholesome, truthful, healthy, positive   FOOD and EXERCISE

B A L A N C E  your life and you will find Health and Wellness

Salute!  To your Health and Wellness