Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are you a TOXIC person? Need a Cleansing? D E T O X yourself

talk talk talk  pick-a-little 
Talking  about  those who "D E T O X"

Good, great wonderful.... Not a bad idea if approached with common Sense

Come on.. DO you really Believe that this is all ya need to do?
One gallon of Colyte can do the same!  HA (Colonoscopy prep)
You can detox your body with all sorts of funky ways...

 Lemon water purging, Colonic's,  Foot Baths, Fasting...

Did you know, God made a Provision for "detoxing your body" the NATURAL WAY!?
Your Lung's
Your Kidney's
Your Liver
Your Skin

ALL these organs (yes, your skin is your largest organ) DETOX your body.  I know, I know... the hype says that we are on over load and need a Colonic!

No, the truth is that we don't exercise our LUNGS to purify our system

We don't exercise our body to Sweat it out

We don't assist our Kidneys with lots of Fresh WATER every day

We don't assist our Liver by Healthy Nutritional Foods full of FIBER

We want to dump dirt into the gas tank and then cry that the Car isn't running Properly (You know I talking about what you DUMP into YOUR MOUTH EVERY DAY!

                            Maybe it isn't Detoxing your BODY isn't the WHOLE answer....

 stop and think about this :

How about the need to D E T O X your MIND? 
How about the need to D E T O X your SPIRIT?

OH so important when seeking a balanced life.   Hang ups of un-forgiveness, resentments, bitterness that swirl around your mind and spirit
they  can and DO affect how you eat and sleep!  It's all so intricately connected

Maybe you think all day... negative thoughts  "I can't eat this, I can't eat that" instead of positive statements  "I can eat this, I can eat that".  How about a grateful heart instead of a contrary complaining one.

Is there someone you can't spend an eternity next to in Heaven?  Ouch!  that one hurts

So when you seeking a "weight loss" program... go for the WHOLE ENCHILADA (oop's used a food metaphor)

Tackle changing habits and developing health lifestyle choices to INCLUDE your MIND and SPIRIT!

Exercise that MIND!
Exercise that SPIRIT!

Feed that MIND!
Feed that SPIRIT!

Detox that MIND!
Detox that SPIRIT!

There are some  great books out there to help you accomplish this journey:
Recommended:  Dr. Caroline Leaf's  "Who switch off my Brain" is a fantastic book for this
                           God's Instruction Manuel  "The BIBLE"   ... a True Self Help Book

Balance yourself and Find True Beauty

Ciao and Salute !  To your Health and Wellness