Monday, March 14, 2011

Crab Grass or a Blooming Flower - YOUR CHOICE

It is sad when we become discouraged... BOO whooo, boo whooo
let's cry together.... but just for a few moments...
    There is a "Time for everything under the Sun"...

Ecclesiastes 3:4

 a time to weep and a time to laugh, 

 a time to mourn and a time to dance,

When I begin to think (complain) of 
what I do not have.... 
I need to 
"STOP"  take 
several deep slow breaths 
re-center myself 


Oh, ya some people appear to have the "perfect" career, the "perfect family dynamics", the " perfect situation in life"

Many times you don't even know that someone you envy is looking at you wishing they had something you have or admire a strength or talent that you have.  True!  Really,  believe me... it's true.

So, when you recognize that "ol man blues" is dragging you down.... see it for what it is... a lack of gratitude.  Your heart is imbalanced.

   But to be really corny ... I'm saying
  "I need to BLOOM where I am planted" and not let the weeds of discouragement, envy, self-pity... choke out my ability to BLOOM...

Bloom.... a FRAGRANT flower that is pleasant to the sight as well as the senses.

That is what I CHOOSE to be:

A fragrant Flower
is what you are to those around you when
you focus on what you do have (grateful heart)

"Crab" Grass
is what you are to those around you when you
focus on what you don't have (bitter heart)

(note to me:  I've missed you " friend"... oh how I've missed you....)

Previous post about how we think affecting our health....

Set the tone for the day - usher in a breeze of success with YOUR WORDS!

I just cringe when I hear someone say 
"I have a headache" or "I'm getting a cold"  or "I'm sick"

It may be true that you feel sick, or you're getting a  headache or you're developing  cold symptoms  


Don't Speak words that state you are accepting and inviting sickness or illness 

Your Mind hears what you're saying.  
It will respond when you speak the words 
"I HAVE"  
"I AM"

Here is my suggestion - TELL YOUR BODY what you want it to be and DO!  Your words are powerful!

"I am fighting a headache"   
"I'm fighting of a cold" 
"I feel great, I feel good, I feel wonderful"  

NO MATTER how your "F E E L I N G " Speak what you want to be!

This is all about Exercising your MIND!   Feeding your thought life words that are uplifting, life giving, positive.... Nutrition for your mind. 

 In the world of Balance you'll also want to do the following when "fighting off  aches, pains or illness":

Besides feeding your mind  "Nutritious thoughts"
      when developing symptoms of illness, feed your body directly:
i.e.  for headache symptoms one of the culprits is dehydration
i.e.  for cold / flu symptoms your immune systems compromised - try Emergen C Packet 
        (check with your Doctor fist)  
i.e. for Just not feeling well symptoms - you may be starting to fight off an illness So - Stay off the
   Sugars which reduce your immune system.  Chicken soup is an amazing for it's antibiotic properties,
   Drink plenty of water.   REST!  
(Just examples.... )

My recipe for the beginning's of flu symptoms (check with your Doctor before trying this)
At the on-set of a scratchy throat, achy body.... 
Take 2 Bayer aspirins and drink 6-8 glasses of  a juice that you like (100% juice) 
(All that fluid is like getting an IV drip! )

Then Speak the Words: 
"I'm fighting this and I'm NOT going to get sick"   
"I don't accept getting sick"  
"Greater is He that is in my than He that is in the World"... etc.
Get a good nights sleep (another topic)
Ask and Thank God for your healing

B A L A N C E  Yourself

Your imbalance can "welcome" a virus into your body... (aka lower your immune defenses)

Talk with the Lord (some  people call that prayer)... read the Instruction Manual for Your Body "The Bible"  and Detox your Mind and Spirit.  

Are you dealing with the stress of hurt, unforgiveness, anger.. Disappointment, sadness, fear?

Your thought life affects your HEALTH!
It can go either way.... your thoughts  can make you sick or make you healthy.

My favorite, most favorite scripture verse:

PROVERBS 17:22  

 22  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: 

but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Even if you are dealing with an illness for day's on end, 
 doing the above (merry heart) will keep you in 
peace and speed up your healing.  

Salute!  To your Health and Wellness