Sunday, August 8, 2010

A moment of Anger

For his anger endureth but a moment;
 in his favour is life: 
weeping may endure for a night, 
but joy cometh in the morning.

Am I better than God?  If His anger endureth but a moment.... then .....
When something occurs that causes me anger I need to only allow it but for a "moment".  Easier said than Done!

Ok, so I had someone say something and I developed feelings of  "anger" stirring inside of me.  

I closed my eye's took a deep breath and visualized myself Blowing it away.  Nope, still there.  Then I said to myself  ;
 "Self, why would you let this Rob you of your Joy?"  

The person has no power over you.  
So, what they said only has power to rob you if YOU LET IT.  Ok, go deep.

Reach inside your mind and take this though that lit your anger and diffuse it. 

Go back to what you've learned. 
TWO EMOTIONS:  Love and Fear

Anger is birthed in Fear


What am I afraid of..... Oh, right... I got it....

Afraid that what was said to me is right.  AHHH HA!  

So, let me think about this. Is what was said "right".  I'll exam this and then be honest with myself.  Is it a right thing that was said to me or is what was said only a statement to intimidate me and control me.  AHHH HA!  A Fear of someone being able to intimidated me and use it to control me.

I will not be scared or intimidated by anyone.   I'll hold myself up before the light of Christ and exam myself.   If this person was right, then I'll ask God to expose and heal me. If this person was wrong, then I'll dismiss what was said as "coming from the source" and has no power  over me.  

I will use what happened as a seed to help me GROW! 

There,  Diffused!  Yea.... Joy back


Now, Shuddup a yourface!  HA HA HA

I think I'll just sing a Happy song out loud right now and then laugh at my antics ... 

Ahhhh Joy cometh in the morning!   YEA

Salute! To the Health and Wellness of  your SOUL!

AMAZING how life is  really played out in your head !