Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who or What controls your Health and Wellness

OUR Health and Wellness depends on "WHO" or "WHAT" is ruling our lives.

Today I had to place my hands on each side of my head and repeat...

"I needed to feed my mind the Word of God"   
"I needed His Spirit in me to control my re-action"  
        I was facing stress and strife from a situation.

     Why did I do and say this?

Simply because sometimes circumstances and situations  do overwhelm us.  WE MUST TAKE CONTROL of how we "react".  I recognized my body felt the stress, my mind felt the stress and I needed my Spirit to feed my body and Mind with the Healing Power  of the Word of God.

Circumstances and Situations

Yet, that's what I had to do this morning.  It's not a "natural" thing to take charge how we deal with unhappy or stressful situations.

It's  natural to just "react"....... before we think about it.

 It's still all about B A L A N C E! 

STOP and BREATHE before you REACT!

Here, let me remind myself how to do this.

When something occurs that causes us immediate disappointment/hurt we naturally have to "REACT"

Our Minds reacts by our THOUGHTS that come pouring into our body and spirit

Next:  If the thoughts (reaction) are negative a whole cascade of chemical reactions are released into our body.... Hence:

Our bodies react by receiving these chemical messages....  REACTION:  Muscles become tense, 
           maybe develop tears or maybe our blood pressure rises... headaches.... maybe our "stomachs turn
          (indigestion- heartburn)... etc.    (various types of physical reactions)

Our Spirit's  reaction depends on it's own  "health"...   If we are rooted and exercise, and feed our  
     spiritual walk, then it will Jump into gear and react.  If it is weak from lack of attention... we will
     have to draw it out to tap into it's power.

all reactions have a Domino affect - that's a law of nature
whether good reactions or bad reactions.... domino affect

Is it "who" is ruling your life or "what" is ruling your life.

It's true that we can NOT be ruled by our emotions - that is a "what"
It's true that we can NOT be ruled by our circumstances/situations - that is a "what"
It's true that we can be ruled by our choice
           to allow HIS Spirit to be in us - that is a "who"

I do not want to be like a "boat"  that is tossed around by the ocean in a storm.

I want to be like a Palm tree - who's roots go deep into the ground.  When storms come I sway, but will not be broken.

My roots must be in the Word of God - He is my creator and cares about ME.
          I must feed and exercise my mind and body and spirit DAILY!  

....be filled with the Spirit

when I am  filled with HIS Spirit there is no room for  self pity, self doubt, hopelessness, anger, unforgivenss, a lack of tolerance or understanding....  All not nice "re-actions"

So to be balanced..... when I get hit with a storm of emotions or circumstances or situation
    "check if I am filled with HIS SPIRIT" or am I reacting in my own strength and spirit?

When I react with self pity, self doubt, hopelessness, anger, unforgivenss, a lack of tolerance or understanding THAT IS a SYMPTOM of my health and wellness  Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally.

If this (or more like when ) happens: 

I have to STOP, BREATHE and "get back into balance... Mind, Body and Spirit.

Always easy to see when we are physically sick... but a lot of denial when we see symptoms that indicate we are not "healthy Mentally or Spiritually". 

Symptoms of  an unhealthy mind and spirit: self pity, self doubt, hopelessness, anger, unforgiveness, a lack of tolerance or understanding

When you see these symptoms (reactions) then it's time to DETOX your mind and Spirit - 

Sometimes the symptoms mentioned can also be from being Physically unhealthy:
If you are depleted in vital Vitamin B's.... your ability to handle Stress will be thwarted
  due to a lack of energy and fatigue.... "that affects your ability to think and your emotions".

Please listen.... it's ALL connected!  Please  Balance your life.

Feed and Exercise your BODY
Feed and Exercise your  MIND
Feed and Exercise your SPIRIT

You can't neglect anyone of these!


Salutes! to your Health and Wellness