Tuesday, February 1, 2022

 So, I keep thinking about writing a book.  Haha… just an idea! However, I just realized I have a blog, so what I have to say can be written here.  Why not?  Maybe you ask me what is the book about? Thank you for asking…. The word “Influencer” keeps coming to my mind.  Recently I was told that many of the YouTube bloggers are called “influencers”.  Well, that makes sense.  I can see how someone can create a vlog that creates a sense of “I want that or I want to do that or I want to go there, I want to eat that, I want I want I want.  Isn’t that the culture today?  It is the “I want it and I want it now”. 

Ok, I have to show this…


It makes sense that there is an appetite for watching “others”  to see what they have and what they are doing.  The “others” become influencers.

This brings me back to a counseling session I had long ago (yes, I’m able to share that I have seen counselors).  Disclosure: I had stated that I almost never stop in the lady’s restroom to look at myself in the mirror. I mean to see check my make up make sure there isn’t spinach in my teeth, ya know.  The counselor had a curious look on her face.  I explained it seems so conceited to do so.  The counselor was eager to share that taking care of oneself and our appearance is important. Because we are influencers.  Yes, she said that.  We represent to others “who we are”. Who am I?  I am a child of the living God.  I am to be Christlike and be a witness of the one who created me.  So, again… how someone see’s me and my life is NOT about ME but what I represent.  

Back to why in the past year I’ve given a lot of thought since hearing about  Vloggers being influencers. Yes, to my family and friends I am actually an influencer.  In fact you are too, even if ya don’t know it.

Ok, I think I may start blogging  a book.  


 It’s been quite a while since I last blogged. Just thinking about…

Have you ever asked the question “Who am I”? Or maybe “what is life all about”?

Maybe you’ve ask “why me?”.  To all those question I would ask “where do have you look for the answer”? 

It’s really not so complicated. Yet I see and hear people belabor their search for “self awareness”.

Ok, so you want to explore your type of personality: Perfectionist, people pleasing, driven, withdrawn.. etc. 

Ok, let me get the the point in my head (frightening)

1. Know who you are

2. Know what your purpose is

3. Know what your passionate about

4. Know your gifts/talents

5. Know where you are going

Remember what I said early, it’s not the questions you ask it’s were do you look for the answers.

Since this is my Blog I’ll tell you what I believe.  The answer to ALL questions must be found in truth.

The only truth that has stood the test of time is the Bible.  There I said it.  It has stood the test of time.  ALL answers are found in God’s word. 

Who you are:  A child of the living God who created the heavens and the earth

Your purpose: To please and bring Glory to the God of the Universe

Your Passion: Passionate about Loving God, being obedient to his Word, being joyful and Loving to all

Your Gifts and Talents:  That you can explore  (I know my talent is not signing…)

Your Path: All roads you take should have the destination of eternity with God

Seriously, why make things so complicated and so “all about you”.  When you know where to find the answers, you’ll have life abundantly and free. No matter what your circumstances are and what life has thrown in your path.  

Just Thinking