Thursday, November 18, 2010

eat fruit, poop and get going

When you believe he's all you need 

that will be your defining moment 
As you live your life 
walking in his light 
Trusting him completely 
that will be 
That will be your defining moment

Back in the Garden

Seeking to be our own God  
Listening to ....
believing we can;
Walk  in our own strength
Trust  ourselves


Why do I fall?   Why do I war with myself?  Doing one thing while saying something else?

Well........ There you go

Whom do I serve?
Me or THEE?

I'll be humming today..... 
                         therefore keeping my spirit tuned into what I want in my mind

"HE is all I need":   Including Approval from those around me
"I surrender all":     Including donuts! 

I'll be moving  my body mind and

Keeping the rhythm in my soul, body.... dancing to the "being joyful in HIM"
    MOVE IT!   WALK IT!   just don't Talk it

It may be a war :  Flesh against Spirit......  I'm going to STOP fighting my battles in the Flesh but Fight it in the Spirit (because it's a SPIRITUAL Battle).

GO to the GARDEN today and Make the Choice that HE IS ALL I NEED

My Defining MOMENT!  
Free in HIM 
Released from the bondage of fear, disappointment, un-forgiveness, jealousy, misunderstandings, anger, ..... fear of failure

Now go eat some fruit, go poop and get going!

TO your health and wellness!  Salute