Monday, May 20, 2019

Plan Purpose Promises

A lovely friend of mine had her beloved husband suddenly taken from her.
In a text of encouragement to her I quoted Jeremiah  29:11
Her reply was “ I am waiting to hear His Plan”

My text reply :
Funny you ask that question?
It gave me pause to think about it.

“I think “ not knowing the full scope of his plan for our lives is about trusting him.
It’s like driving using Siri to give us direction. We didn’t put in the destinations and we just have to follow Siri directions when we’re told where to turn and went to turn.

Waiting on the Lord, reading his word, calling upon him to give  strength courage and the Will to keep  on goin is like  trusting Siri to give us directions when we don't know where we are going.

The question  of “why “never leaves our heart when we see our lives take a different direction.  Yet the comfort and confidence of knowing God‘s Purpose (when I don’t understand the plan) is to bring glory to his name, it is the essence of what keeps us living.

I can’t help but think if our "only" focus is on the end destination we will miss out on all the beautiful things out the window as we drive down the road.

Today I 🙏 pray you see the beauty 🌷 of  God‘s hand in the little things that’s around you.  And with hope in your heart you know that God has great things in store for you.  I pray each day HE fills the void in your heart ♥️ with His presence.

A big virtual hug to you
With love 💕 your sister in Christ