Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breathe.... and be happy!

Did you know you CAN NOT  TALK  while  Breathing in?  
It is a natural function that humans need to shut up to breath in.  Yet, we seldom take a breath between sentences.  And we wonder why we feel tense, irritable and anxious, with pain in our shoulders from being tight.  Digestion all messed up, difficulty relaxing until we  sit and sip a cup of coffee.  Our Body Screams for us to STOP and control our breathing.  We ignore this and develop various illnesses. 

Did you know that when you are Stressed, worried or feeling anxious you are breathing Shallow?  Which increases the feelings of stress, anxiety, worry and irritability.... and even anger.

What to do when your really stressed out, feeling anxious, feeling worried or out of control about life......


1.  Stand with Arms Raised above your head 
     Close your eye's and take in a deep breath through your nose 
      Palms towards each other  and directly over the head
      almost covering your ears with your arms
      this will lift your rib cage up and diaphragm up 

2.  Then OPEN the mouth  - dropping and RELAXING THE JAW and 
       Sing......  AHHHHHHHHH  with a single tone AS YOU EXHALE 
      through your mouth  
      while slowly dropping your arms to your side with palms face down
      NOW.... feel yourself  pulling your stomach into wards your spine

                    NOW....Feel your shoulders drop down  away from your ears 
                                                 as you relax your arms .... 

Draw up air into your lungs as you again raise your arms  with palms face up and hands directly over your head


Repeat this 3 to 7 times !  

Deep Breathing IN and OUT

Very Important aspect of this is:

Think   as you breathe in through your nose that....  you are BREATHING IN PURE Energy  "The Breath of GOD"

                                                     See yourself in a peaceful place 

Think   as you release your breath ... you are RELEASING the TOXIC energy of frustration, anxiety, worry, stress and or any "negative" feelings you may have.  BLOW THEM AWAY!!!!

You will become
 relaxed peaceful    

This type of breathing  increases the Oxygen in your  body
especially your Brain cells ( Thinking)  and Heart  cells (Emotions) are filled with life giving oxygen.
                        Every Cell in your Body needs Oxygen to properly function. 

        In the process of CPR - Breathing is checked before  the Heart beat!  
                               Without Oxygen the Heart can not function


Genesis 2:7

 Then the Lord God made man from the dust of the ground. And   He breathed into his nose the breath of life.      Man became a living being.

We are nothing but "DUST OF THE EARTH" 

Maybe, just maybe this is why we are to "raise our hands" and praise the Lord!

As we raise our hands and SPEAK words of Praise to our Savior AND the Word of GOD PROMISES that  it  WILL change the quality of our breathing!  


                                  Just a thought  

To your Health and Wellness