Friday, November 26, 2010

the dieting merry go round

This morning I read back to January 2010 blogs.   It's almost a year on this journey.  Amazing!

I'm starting the last month of my 12 months of "getting it together".
Translated to:  Seeking Health and Wellness Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

Accomplishing this by Seeking Balance Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.
With the Goal Set I have developed this plan.

15/15/15 is the daily goal.  
Translated to make sure I have at least 
15 minutes committed each day to Exercising my muscles, 
15 minutes towards developing my mind (reading/study), 
15 minutes feeding and strengthening my spiritual life. 

To accomplish my goals and reinforce my plans I have used "blogging" every day (mostly in the morning) as my support.

I have read books and googled information on health, diets, exercise.

Although losing weight was the foundation for this quest.  I have discovered losing weight has very little to do with "health". Being Fat has everything to do with being unhealthy. People with TB, Cancer, anorexia  loose weight. People with a whacked out Thyroid loose weight.   Being the perfect weight doesn't necessary mean your healthy.

The focus on being healthy was paramount in this journey.  
Being a right weight for your height is a benefit of being healthy and well. 

Therefore when (in the past) I have been tempted to say, "ah, it's ok to pig out... oh ... forget this today"  I can be pulled back to the fact that whether I gain or lose a half a pound isn't about my looks... it's about my health! I now have a trigger that says to myself "what is happening in my head and spirit right now)

  I am  off the "merry go round" of dieting  

I have found freedom.  Eating to be healthy, not to satisfy the lust of  food.
It is crazy but I have NO appetite for white sugar laden sweets. I can walk past the "See's Candy Cart" at the airport and not have a war and conversation about how I wish I could eat some... make a bargain about how I could have a few pieces if I just walk around the airport while eating the candy.   Call it crazy, but I have no guilt or war in me to say no to pastry.  I've found Freedom...

And my life is no less fulfilling, satisfying and happy.

I have found that when I seek food to meet a craving, to give myself a treat, soothe my heartache ..... I now stop and think....

I am really dishonoring my body to meet a need. Having a piece of pie or candy that has no nutritional value ( 1% nutrition in 99 %  empty calories/carbs)

That is the wellness part of all of this.

Balancing my mind and spirit so that my body stops craving foods that increase my cholesterol, injure my pancreas, raise my blood pressure ... turn carbs into fat!

The picture of health is not just strong hair and nails and a great figure.  It's a real smile on a face.  It's peace in ones heart... it's words that reflect a sound mind.  It's an energy like non other that I've ever had before.  And when life kicks sand in my face... I have a foundation that stands and does not fall.

It's like "they" say the rich and famous are happier people.

Same thing holds true here.

People with the perfect weight are not necessary happier people.   Seeking to just lose weight to be the right size is .... ok I'll say it here..... shallow.  Seeking to lose weight to become healthy is brilliant.  Seeking to detox not just your body, but your mind and spirit is ... finding freedom to live a full, rich life.

there ya have it... in a nut shell (did I say that nuts are very healthy in the right portion?)

Off I go preparing for another glorious day.... Honoring the Lord by Honoring ME.  Seeking to live a full, rich, joyful, successful healthy and well life.

To your health and wellenss