Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Salute to my Family and Friends

Hello out there!

I am embarking on an journey to "Health and Wellness" and would like to know who will join me?

I'm excited about what I have learned recently and want to share this with my Family and Friends.

It will soon be 01-01-10! The commercials are out there NOW about diets, weight loss products, Exercise programs/DVD's... etc.

I want to share with my Family and Friends what I have discovered the past few months! I want to take you with me on this Journey.

It started with my "once again trying to lose weight" . It then developed into an "Awakening".

I Believe that being overweight is ONLY THE SYMPTOM! I believe it is a symptom of "unhealthy lifestyle choices". Yes, there may be some physical imbalances involved (ie. menopause, thyroid disorders), but these and other health problems are only road blocks . I believe I have found a way to build bridges over those road blocks. I'm very excited and want to share what I've learned.

FIRST, I have learned I must seek Optimal "Health and Wellness". I no longer seek to "lose weight". Yet, Weight Loss is a TRUE benefit of seeking "Health and Wellness".

Starting 01-01-10 I will begin a 21 day quest for Health and Wellness. Why 21 days? Because that is what it takes to develop a "habit". (discussed later).

This 21 days to the beginning of Optimal "Health and Wellness" requires the following:
YOU! Yes, You taking charge of You.
Do you want to wake up in the morning with Energy? I DO!
Do you want to put on your clothes and feel and look great in them? I DO!!!
Do you wanting your skin to glow and your eyes sparkle? I DO!
Do you want to think clearly (not all muddled and forgetful). I DO!
Do you wanting to BE and Look YOUR BEST! I DO!
( yikes....I kind of feel like the guy in the old days standing on the street corner who sold Indian and snake oil Tonic - ha ha )

There is NO need for Costly- expensive foods, drinks, vitamin and or supplements
There is NO need for special exercise equipment or Gym membership. Ok, Tennis Shoes are helpful!

I just ask you to at least read this blog every day until the completion of the 21 days (1/22/10).
If even to support ME.

Each morning you'll see my new posting for the day. (I may blog the night before or in the Wee hours of the morning.... yap! menopause! ouch, I working on that too!)

If you want to join me then.... The stuff you'll do every day for the next 21 days is WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING ANYWAY!

If your wanting to join me for the 21 days , then you'll need to commit to my 15/15/15 plan. That may take you 45 minutes a day .
My 15/15/15 is done in about 30 minutes. I tell you more about this before we start.

If you choose to join me, please join this blog (I think that's how it's done) then give me feedback each day! Ok, even if you don't do the 21 days, please read this blog everyday and give me feedback (+ or -). I need your help and support too!

Also, This is something new for me to "blog".
So bear with me. Grammar/Spelling! ouch.(That's not the feed back I'm looking for)
Plus, as usual, I'm shooting from my Hip. I've never done this before (blog!) but believe in what I'm doing and blogging seem to be the right Vehicle.

My Family and Friends who know me..... know that I am a Registered Nurse who's career choice provides me the means to provide medical advise and promote Health and Wellness for my Patients, Family and Friends.

I also believe in the importance in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I will be happy to answer any question you may encounter during this 21 day Journey to "Health and Wellness". If I don't have the answer, I will find the answer.

I have been studying and compiling information about "Health and Wellness" as it relates to weight loss and Women's health from many various sources for the past few years. I think you'll be pleasantly surprise at how this will all come together.

If you having any medical conditions- I don't believe the journey we are on will inhibit your participation. This journey is for EVERYONE. You may email me if you still have any medical concerns and or questions.

As they say in Italy "Salute"!
(English translation: To your Health and Wellness)

Here Goes!