Friday, January 28, 2011

Feed your Spirit Before your Face - DIET

One more bite isn't really going to make you feel happier, now is it?
Ten more minutes of sleep really won't make you more rested, now will it?

Two things I thought of when it comes to PRACTICING good healthy choices.

Ok, so the ten more minutes is not a big deal... except it may be an indicator that you will probably also say ...

"hey, I'm feeling full.... but ahhhh it taste so yummy..... one more bite!"
Just ONE more bite....
Healthy or Not.... WHY one more bite when you are feeling FULL?

Seriously, what is the deal with ONE MORE BITE....
          even when  I can feel my stomach feeling full... 
I still shovel in another spoon full
Isn't that the reason you eat to .... EAT UNTIL YOU ARE FULL?

No and Yes,  We should Eat until we feel full (not satisfied)
Eat to Nourish your body
Eating until we are satisfied?  Yikes.... we'd eat ourselves to DEATH!
Eat until we feel full.... DO WE REALLY LISTEN?

If my stomach says "hey, dummy I'm full... don't eat another bite"  

then,   my brain says  "hey, dummy down there..... are you not FEELING the sensation of being full... STOP!"

Then (I ASK) when does the Spirit step in and say... "you poor soul,  trying to SATISFY something that food will NEVER truly satisfy". We are mostly deaf to listening to our spirit.  We're so use to either ignoring it (our spirit speaking to us) or telling it to SHUT up!

So, if your BODY is talking,  and Your Mind is talking,  and Your Spirit is trying to get you to listen....

Tell me again....WHY oh WHY do you need that "last" bite of food?

(THIS IS WHY I BLOG...... to ask myself these questions)

Do I take "one more bite" because:
Is it because I DON'T trust my body's messages?
Is it because I DON'T really trust my thinking (Brain)?
Is it because I DON'T really trust the Lord to Satisfy my Soul?

                      THIS is why DIET's do NOT work or DO NOT last!

A surgeon can cut out a cancerous tumor....

but a person 
OF their lives
the things that contributed to the 

Yes, I have said,  80% of illness and diseases are related to LIFESTYLE CHOICES.
20% of those afflicted did NOT contribute to their illness by poor choices.

         Hey, that's still a lot of people responsible for their illness/disease.

And of the 80% who become ill....  it's the choices they make that make a difference in their prognosis

Tough and Tender subject.....

The point is this.... IT IS OUR CHOICE 
how we walk in HEALTH or ILLNESS

I'm not just taking about Physical Health

I'm also talking about our PSYCHE... our Mental Health...
I'm also talking about our SPIRITUAL Health.....

We need to cut out the ugliness....(bitterness, un-forgiveness, anger, resentments...etc)
     The word of GOD is the scalpel that can cut it out!

A subject you won't get in  most diet books.... an area that is seldom touch!  

I don't understand... 

when we neglect this   ... Well.... 

YOU WERE CREATED to Walk in Health and Wellness

If you're fighting a weight issue.... go to your Instruction Manual (The Word of God.. the Bible)  There is a troubleshooting section! 

The medical cost of obesity in the United States may be as high as $147 billion 
A Typical AMERICAN family ? How sad is that!

76.5% (159 million) of Americans identify themselves as Christian.

Prevalence and incidence statistics for Overweight:  
approx 1 in 3 or 35.70% or 97.1 million people in USA

Let think about this...... 

If  1 in 3 people in the US are overweight and approx 

7 in 10 people say they are Christians then  

Well, what do you think about this....?

Tough for someone to stand a a pulpit and tell the congregation

that being overweight can be symptom of a SICK Spiritual life ? 

(especially if the preacher is overweight!)

Come on.... lets get WELL TOGETHER

Those who know me... know I don't pull any punches when it comes to the truth

I shoot from my HIP!  

Stop the focus on the loosing weight so you can FIT in your Jeans

Start focusing on FEEDING your Spirit

as more important than feeding your face!

Feed your Spirit and Mind an Body

Ingest and Digest Healthy ORGANIC FRESH things

Things that are TRUE, LOVELY, PURE and HONEST

It's ok... Have ONE more bite of Spiritual FOOD!

You will thank Yourself

Ciao and Have a FANTASTIC day

Salute! to your health and wellness

This day 13 (21 days to develop a habit)

                       of fall to my knees in the morning before I feed my face!