Friday, May 14, 2010


I cried that I had no shoes until I saw
someone without feet.

Well, I do love my shoes! But Having no feet is still no excuse for feeling sorry for yourself. There are many examples of people who overcame their physical limitations. So why then do we make excuses?

No excuses please!
When there is a Will there IS a Way.
I had a patient seeking an appointment. She said to me as we spoke on the phone.
I'm so weak and tired, I'm sleeping 10-12 hours a day
I've gained 30 pounds.....
I just can't exercise because I have problem with my right foot.
I'm just so tired, It's not right... something is wrong.

Then I looked at her history and saw she was 5'7" and weight was 325lbs and has hypertension.

I asked if she had been taking her blood pressure medication
Her quick answer was No
My heart broke for this women. I heard her cry for help, I heard her very sad voice,
and I knew what was happening.

She is on a self destruct mission! All signs / symptoms point to a person who
has no love for themselves. (possible emotional trauma in their life, a life of unforgiveness, a life of No hope)

Signs of depression and self destruction is prevalent today in our world.

Matthew 22:39

... 'Love your neighbor as yourself

We are to love ourselves.

Christ loves us - We are worthy of his love

We are valuable children of the Living God

Forgive other's - Forgive ourself

Yes, we need to forgive ourself! Not loving ourself is sometimes a result of not forgiving ourselves. Not seeing ourself as worthy of love and forgiveness

My heart ached that I couldn't reach out and tell her about my Lord and Savior.
The one who LOVES her - The one who really knows her and Loves her.
Christ is the only hope for her. Not a diet plan, Medication for depression...

Lord, I pray for the opportunity for me to use my knowledge of nursing and my knowledge of YOU to reach out and touch people.

To be their link to a life of hope, joy and peace. The life you intended for all of us.