Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Broken People

 It occurred to me tonight as I listened to someone hurting over carrying a heavy burden (Family, work… life) that we live in a world of  Broken people.  Actually, I doubt there is one person in this world at this moment who isn’t or hasn’t been broken in one way or another.  Sure people appear to have “it all”.  But truth be told we are all have been or are broken.

Truth… has anyone ever escaped having their feeling hurt? How about being disappointed, let down.. maybe even feeling abandoned?  Notice I used the word “feeling”.  It may not have actually happened but it was interpreted that way.  

So when you feel like the world is crashing in on you.  Being pulled a million directions. Caught in a storm of everyone’s problems and dis-functional  ways/attitudes/behaviors. The closest ones to you aren’t able to meet your needs and or expectations. Then think …

Think on “these things” whatsoever is true, lovely and of good report.  Yes, A Scripture!

Truth is this:  when “we” are hurting we look to others to provide comfort, support, rest to our souls. Yet, the very people we may look to are also hurting, broken and needing help.  

Truth… only Jesus knows our heart, sorrows, burden, complicated feelings.  Only HE can meet them.  So have a little understanding and compassion that those who pull on you, need something that you can’t give… Stop, breathe and understand this TRUTH

Only Christ can soothe our soul and bring us a “moment of peace, joy, rest”.   Don’t look to the broken people around us to ‘give us a break” “not let us down”. Or to not place demands on us, or not give us what we need.

Truth - He is the. Truth, the light and the way.  

Broken People need Jesus - He is all I need (Song)…

Be Blessed - good night (yes, I’m rambling because I am tired) Buona Notte