Monday, November 14, 2011

A cup of Joe or A fighting Chance

Romans 12

Go a head, try to "loose weight"..... But understand this:

You have the need to loose weight because "your life is unbalanced" 
(hey, I'm talking to me) 

Being overweight is unhealthy! It is a symptom and leads to illnesses and diseases.
 When you really get that you'll be ready to do something about it.

Yes, it's a fight

It's a fight within yourself

It's knowing "What you need to do" and yet "Not doing what you know you need to do"

That alone causes stress  to flow through your body  
It's a fight within your soul.

IT CAN BE DONE (getting in shape)!  Doing what we know is right and good for us.

BUT, it takes a "BALANCED" life to accomplish it.

I said in my last Blog I was attempting to create a type of recipe for "weight loss".

here is part of the "Recipe".

Wake each morning and slip out of bed on to your knees

Thank God you "woke up"!  Then commit your Day to HIM.  Make the first words out of your mouth each morning... 

This needs to be as important 
as your First cup of  "Joe"

For the remainder of your day when you think of     
                                                "Feeding your Face"....

            Feed your SOUL first!                                                                                     Have a Scripture verse ready  for the DAY to quote                                                                                  that brings you focus, strength and direction  

There is TREMENDOUS STRENGTH and  NOURISHMENT in the                   WORD of GOD       

The Bible, is the Living God of the Universe's instruction manual for YOUR LIFE 

RULE  ONE of success :  FEED YOUR SOUL  before you FEED YOUR FACE

This alone  will brings  your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT into  a symphony  of Peace and Harmony 

You "do" Conduct your life 

Ciao, to your health and wellness 
gotta Run (literally) 

This blog is  about my efforts and accountability  
to my  journey of wanting to live life  in  TRUE Health and Wellness 
It is written for me with the hope of inspiring others