Thursday, February 19, 2015

Touching a life or a new product for the "Shark Tank"

There is no greater gift to give myself than to touch a life in a healing positive way.

In order to do this, I must leave myself and truly give my time and attention to someone other than me.

ok, enough of that….. now on a less serious note

……………..I was watching "Shark Tank" TV Show


…. fascinating show  and ….. it inspired me.

Well, I came up with my own product. 

It's called ""Nothing"  because it's basically "Nothing" 

Right,  I want to sell "Nothing"    
             It will be a sensation !   
Just think, you give a gift of "Nothing"  and tell the receiver of the Gift how fabulous  it  really is :

  • "Nothing" is unbreakable
  • "Nothing" will never be lost or stolen
  • "Nothing"  will not show age or wear and tear
  • "Nothing"  is easy to store it
  • "Nothing"  requires no maintenance
  • "Nothing"  goes with everything 
  • "Nothing"  is easy to carry with you … everywhere
  • "Nothing"  will never lose it's value

"Nothing"  is an amazing gift to give.

Now, I just need to figure out how to "package" "Nothing"!   ok? then  I present it to the "Shark Tank" !