Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I want it NOW or Jumping off the Train


You have purchase a  train ticket for the destination:

The "Land of Health and Wellness"!

You invest in work out clothes,  gym equipment or better yet, a gym membership.
As well as  Health and Diet books, expensive vitamins, ....etc etc etc

Your ready.... "tomorrow" you get on board to the "land of Health and Wellness".

Let's just say, YOU  DO get on board.  (that's a miracle in it self since most of us put off boarding that train for days, and days, and days.....)

 You're doing great 
(for the first few hours of this trip.... hahaha! Maybe even a few days ).  

Your excited, pump up at getting to your destination.

But wait.... you look out the window and see a landscape full of  See's Lollipop Trees, and Marshmallow clouds
Over stuffed lounge chairs by a stream... A BIG FAT TV in the Sky with your favorite Show... 

Your favorite Fast Food Restaurant! 

(whatever.... make up your own picture of what your weaknesses are) 

in your delirious "I need" 
"self gratification" 

Ouch!  You got the picture.

How difficult is it to get back on that train?

Especially since..... "hey stupid" you didn't jump off near the next train stop. And you wonder why it's so hard to get back on "the Track".

You got it!  
Our self serving, need for  instant gratification, 
never say no to yourself 
L I F E 

You see the "cookie, candy, ice cream" and or  You see the "Rest, no effort, relax... I deserve it attitude"

and after months of carefully choosing to "stay on the train" jump off just for a lousy,
not even that good  "moment of pleasure".

Ahhh....the price we pay for acting like Veruca 
( from Willy Wonka) 
 impulsive  behavior.
Wanting every thing N O W ! 

This blog was started and developed to discover W H Y  I  am reluctant to
"Get on the Train" and  Stay on the "TRAIN" . ("Train" of thought!)

It isn't any wonder why people who "exercise and diet" with others or in a group, or with a trainer/coach are more successful.  You NEED that support to keep you focused and engaged with GETTING TO YOUR DESTINATION.... staying on the Train.

That's it!  It just hit me (epiphany).


I AM my own support and coach and cheer leader
I CAN  do it when I decided I WILL do it.

Get it :  I "WILL" to do it.  It is my Will 

My "will" 
my MIND 

in sync with my SPIRIT 

in sync with my BODY.  
When it's out of sync
  we are "unhealthy"
Living in defeat
so.... Reverse that:
When it is in Sync
we are "Healthy"
Living in  "accomplishments"

So, when I jump off the Train (as I have this past week) I need to ask question and then seek the Answer.

WHAT is out of sync?   for me ..... If I eat a box of cookies 
(which I did and knew  it was not a healthy choice)

Why didn't I have the MIND to say NO? 

Why didn't I have the SPIRIT to say NO?

Why did my BODY (appetite) Say YES?

One of these Three is Not being feed/exercised/challenged/nurtured :

1. Body 
2. Mind 
3. Spirit

OR Two of the Three 

OR all three are being neglected

So, I have my ticket and I'm headed for the Train Station.  

I'm getting on board tomorrow morning: whooo hoo, TOOT TOOT!  BYE   the Whistle is blowing! 

I KNOW WHERE I WANT TO GO!  The land of Health and Wellness

I know that I have to fortify  
 my MIND and SPIRIT 
Which will direct my BODY (actions) 
to make the right choices tomorrow.

James 1:8
A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.


Blogging HELPS me!  (I see the difference when I am not blogging)

It helps Because it Reinforces my thinking!  It's more than just  thoughts.

It's my thinking in Black and White (ok, I like color too).

It's me Thinking, Typing, Reading what I know I need and WANT to do. REINFORCING!

Tomorrow, I will wake up and FEED my Spirit 
(a plate full of thanksgiving and praise)
To my Creator and God
before I feed my face.  

Tomorrow, I will wake up and FEED my MIND 
(a plate full of the powerful words of God ... Bible) 
to Strength and Focus my thoughts.  
"my train of thoughts for the day".

Tomorrow, I will tell my BODY  what my Mind and Spirit wants it to do!

This will bring me into BALANCE and cause me to be in sync!  

So my actions match my thoughts, and my Spirit controls my Being and I will Stay on the  TRAIN!

Ciao and Salute! to Your Health and Wellness.