Saturday, October 2, 2010

A cup full of JOY = Energy

James 1:2 says, 
"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, 
whenever you face trials of many kinds." 

Pure joy is not happiness. 

"Happiness" comes from the word "happen." Happiness, therefore, is based on what is happening. If something good is happening, then you are happy. However, God says that pure joy occurs even in the midst of trials--even when the car breaks down, or when the kids get sick, or when the boss cuts your hours, or when your spouse is in a bad mood, etc.

I remember not being able to sleep and waking up early as a little girl excited about going to Disneyland.  

When we have events that excite us we have energy!  So, the opposite is a lack of excitement and energy when we "don't have something that we're looking forward to or expecting.   

I CHOOSE to not have my life driven by  events and circumstances.  
I CHOOSE to be balanced in every moment of my life. 

My Free Will to Choose

BUT, BUT, BUT.... when I'm "feeling" anxious or "feeling" sad.... or "feeling lonely"  or "feeling Frustrated"....   I  must CHOOSE to S T O P  and get in touch with me.  S T O P   Close my eye's... see Jesus standing beside me and then B R E A T H E  and mentally have a talk with the Lord.  

Something like this:  "Lord,  I'm feeling ______ and I'm being rob of my Joy.  ALL feelings I know are centered in Fear or Love, therefore I ask you to take my hand and reassure me that YOU are in Control.  I need to hand over the burden I have a death grip on and LET IT GO.   You Carry my burdens and You will carry me through anything.  Thank you for being next to me, Thank you for living in my Heart.
I rejoice in you and therefore have YOUR strength in this moment and am freed to feel your love and JOY."  

Something along that line.

So,  I'm now off to CLEAN HOUSE!  and While I do this
 I'll thank God that I have a home to Clean.
I'll thank God I have the strength to clean it.
I'll thank God I have the supplies I need to clean it.
I'll thank God .....I'll just thank God!

PS: your home is a reflection of you  

Today:- When I  am Praising HIM I'll be centered in Him and FEEL his love and FEEL JOY and
therefore be Blessed with     E N E R G Y 

15/15/15  EACH DAY for Health and Wellness through BALANCE of Body, Mind and Spirit :
15 minutes of feeding my Spirit (praying, reading His Word, worshiping Him),
15 minutes feeding my Mind (read, play the piano....learn Italian )  
15 Minutes feeding my body(exercise)

I will CHOOSE today  healthy Foods that satisfy my Body's needs for nutrients (not my lust for pleasure)... Only Christ can truly satisfy my soul.... !
     (food can satisfy us for only  a few  moment and leave us FAT for a life time)

Gotta Go... Ciao

Salute!  To your continued Health and Wellness